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Windows 11 WinPro CHNS OLP NL

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Windows 11 provides a calming and creative space where new experiences lead you to chase your passion. From a refreshed Start menu to new ways to connect with the people you care about, the messages, games, and content you care about, Windows 11 provides a place to think, express, and create.

Your content, you organize.

With Microsoft Edge and a wide selection of widgets, you can quickly and stay up to date with the news, information, and entertainment you care about most2. Easily find the apps you need and the shows you love to watch in the new Microsoft Store.

New generation Windows version

Windows 11 is designed to give you a seamless experience across different devices. Fast and responsive. You can even chat online with support for free or get live phone support. With Windows 11, work has never been easier.

Be in one's element

Windows 11 combines the Windows operating system you're already familiar with several improvements. Technologies like InstantGo1 allow you to start and restart quickly. Windows has more built-in security features than ever before to help you prevent malware.


Multitask like a pro and have four windows on the screen at the same time. Too crowded screens? Create virtual desktops, get more space, and have everything you need at your fingertips. What's more, all your notifications and key settings are in one easy-to-use screen.

Continuum mode

Windows 11 optimizes your event and device experiences to make the screen in front of you look more comfortable. On-screen functions can be adjusted for easy navigation, and the app can be scaled smoothly from smallest to largest display.

Your own system

Your Windows 11 device recognizes and confirms your identity in a truly personalized way. With Windows Hello, your device can call you by name to welcome you, light up when recognized, and automatically log you in so you don't have to remember or enter your password.

Games and Xbox

Play Xbox One games on your Windows 11 PC, laptop, or tablet. Use the Game DVR feature to record your cool hero moves and send them to your friends instantly without quitting the game.


Cortana is your true personal assistant that exists on every Windows 11 device to help you get work done. Over time, Cortana will learn more, become more helpful, more intuitive and easier to use, and you can trust

frequently asked questions

Processor: 1 GHz or faster 64-bit capable processor (dual or multicore) or system-on-chip (SoC)

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Storage: A storage device of 64 GB or larger

System firmware: Supports UEFI Secure Boot. See instructions on how to enable your PC to meet this requirement here.

TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. See instructions on how to enable your PC to meet this requirement here.

Graphics card: Supports DirectX 12 or later, supports WDDM 2.0 drivers.

Display: A high-definition (9p) display with a diagonal longer than 720 inches with 8 bits per color channel.

Internet connection: Windows 11 Home settings require an Microsoft account and an Internet connection

Note: Your device must have Windows 10 2004 or later installed to upgrade. Free updates are available in the Windows Update feature in Settings > Update & Security.

  • Some features require specific hardware support. The system requirements required to run some applications may be higher than the minimum device specifications for Windows 11. Check the compatibility of the device with the application you want to install. The required device storage will vary depending on the actual apps and updates. High-end, more powerful computers also have higher performance. Additional requirements may apply later or when updating.


Windows 11 提供一個讓人平靜而富有創意的空間,全新體驗引導您全力追逐熱愛。 從煥然一新的開始功能表,到與您關心的人、關注的消息、遊戲和內容建立連接的新方式,Windows 11 提供了一個場所,讓您得以自由地思索、表達和創造。


借助 Microsoft Edge 和可選擇使用的眾多小組件,您可以快速及時地瞭解您最關心的資訊、資訊和娛樂內容2。 在新版 Microsoft Store 中輕鬆找到您所需的應用和愛看的節目。


Windows 11的設計旨在為您提供跨越不同設備的無縫體驗。 速度快而靈敏。 您甚至可以與支持人員免費在線聊天或獲得實時電話支援。 擁有Windows 11,工作變得比以往更加輕鬆。


Windows11結合了您已熟悉的Windows操作系統,並進行了多項改進。 InstantGo1 等技術讓您可以迅速啟動和重啟。 Windows 比以往具有更多內置安全功能,説明您預防惡意軟體的入侵。


像專家那樣進行多任務處理,能夠在螢幕中同時擺放四個視窗。 螢幕太擁擠? 創建虛擬桌面,獲取更多空間,需要什麼都能隨手拈來。 而且,您的所有通知和關鍵設置都集中於同一個操控簡單的螢幕中。


Windows 11 優化了您的活動和設備體驗,讓眼前的螢幕帶給您更舒適的視覺效果。 螢幕上的功能可自行調整以方便導航,應用程式也可從最小到最大顯示平滑縮放。


您的Windows 11設備能以真正個人化的方式識別和確認您的身份。 利用Windows Hello,您的設備可以稱呼您的名字來歡迎您、在識別後亮起、自動為您登入,讓您無需記住或輸入密碼。


在您的Windows 11 PC、筆記型電腦或平板電腦上玩Xbox One遊戲。 使用Game DVR功能錄製您酷炫的英雄招式並即時發送給您的朋友,無需退出遊戲。


Cortana是您真正的私人智慧助理,存在於您的每一台 Windows11 設備,説明您完成工作。 隨著時間的推移,Cortana會對您瞭解更多,也會變得更有説明,更直觀易用,值得您信賴


處理器:1 GHz 或更快的支援 64 位的處理器(雙核或多核)或系統單晶片 (SoC)

記憶體:4 GB RAM

存儲:64 GB 或更大的存儲設備

系統韌體:支援 UEFI 安全啟動。 請在 此處 查看關於如何啟用電腦以滿足這一要求的說明。

TPM:受信任的平台模組 (TPM) 2.0 版本。 請在 此處 查看關於如何啟用電腦以滿足這一要求的說明。

顯卡:支援 DirectX 12 或更高版本,支援 WDDM 2.0 驅動程式。

顯示器:對角線長大於9英寸的高清 (720p) 顯示幕,每個顏色通道為8位。

Internet 連接:Windows 11 家庭版的設置需要具有 Microsoft 帳戶和 Internet 連接

注:您的設備必須已安裝 Windows 10 的 2004 或更高版本,才能升級。 可在『設置 > 更新和安全』中的 Windows 更新功能中獲取免費更新。

  • 某些 功能需要特定硬體支援 。 運行某些應用程式所需滿足的系統要求可能高於 Windows 11 的最低設備規格要求。 檢查設備與您想要安裝應用程式的相容情況。 所需的設備存儲空間將根據實際的應用程式和更新而有所不同。 更高端、更強大的電腦性能也較高。 以後或更新時可能會有其它的要求。

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