VanDyke SecureFX Secure File Transfer Tool
VanDyke SecureFX Secure File Transfer Tool
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VanDyke SecureFX Secure File Transfer Tool

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SecureFX is a secure file transfer app with an easy-to-learn visual interface. SecureFX provides advanced features like website synchronization and automation to help web designers and network administrators simplify their daily tasks.

SecureFX addresses your evolving file transfer needs with an app that allows you to choose between SFTP or FTPS (FTP/TLS) for secure transfers, or standard FTP for non-secure transfers. It has a simple Explorer-like interface that's easy to learn and use, while providing powerful automation for unattended, secure file transfers.

Key Benefits of SecureFX:

  • Maintain file systems and documents securely. You can choose to transfer files across the network and the Internet via SFTP over SSH2, SCP over TLS, FTP via SCP, or FTP to access legacy systems.
  • Get started quickly. Use the Connection bar to connect to sessions from the main application window, and then organize those sessions using an easy-to-learn, tabbed interface.
  • Take advantage of an efficient user interface. Drag and drop files to start the transfer (Windows only) or even between applications like SecureFX and WinZip. Use the filter view, bookmarks, and address bar to quickly find the files you want to use.
  • Sync files. Upload, download and mirror files. Use filtering to include or exclude files or file types. Store configurations for multiple sites.
  • When a transfer fails, it is easier to recover. SecureFX can complete interrupted transfers and automatically resume multi-file transfers.
  • Save steps using integrated SecureFX and SecureCRT. Set up the connection with a shared session and a server host key. Common sessions and settings reduce repetitive steps.
  • Make the transfer unattended. The SFXCL command-line client (Windows only) enables you to automate tasks using powerful options such as site synchronization. You can also use the built-in Task Scheduler (Windows only) to schedule transfer or synchronization operations once or at recurring intervals.
  • Complies with federal standards. Use security protocols that help meet HIPAA, SOX, and other guidelines, including FIPS 140-2.

Amazon S3 storage

Transfer files to and from Amazon S3 for secure cloud storage.

Preload the key into the agent

Save time by specifying which keys are loaded into the SSH2 agent when SecureFX starts. This feature is also supported in SecureCRT 9.0, simplifying the steps when using the SecureCRT + SecureFX bundle.

Session Manager enhancements

Use the wildcard characters "*" and "? "You can find sessions faster in the Session Manager filter box.

Automatically delete files from the transfer queue

You can set the global option to automatically delete files from the transfer queue after the transfer is complete.

The timestamp of the target server

A new option allows the destination server to add a timestamp to the transferred file instead of keeping the source timestamp.

Specify and order host key algorithms

You can now specify and sort host key algorithms from the Session Options dialog box.

Algorithm support

SecureFX now supports rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 public key algorithms (RFC 8332) and requires a configured password (Windows only).


SecureFX 是一款安全的文件傳輸應用, 擁有一個簡單易學的可視化介面。 SecureFX 提供類似網站同步和自動化的高級功能來説明 web 設計人員和網路管理員簡化每日任務。

SecureFX 透過一個應用程式滿足您不斷發展的檔案傳輸需求,該應用程式使您可以選擇 SFTP 或 FTPS(FTP / TLS)進行安全傳輸,或者選擇標準FTP進行非安全傳輸。 它具有簡單的類似於 Explorer 的介面,因此易於學習和使用,同時提供強大的自動化功能,可進行無人值守的安全文件傳輸。

SecureFX 主要優點:

  • 安全地維護檔系統和文檔。 可以選擇通過 SSH2 的 SFTP,透過 TLS 的 SCP,SCP 或 FTP 的 FTP 跨網路和 Internet 傳輸檔,以存取舊系統。
  • 快速上手。 使用「連接」欄從主應用程式視窗連接到會話,然後使用易於學習的選項卡式介面組織這些會話。
  • 利用高效的用戶介面。 拖放檔以開始傳輸(僅 Windows),甚至在 SecureFX 和 WinZip 之類的應用程式之間也可以進行傳輸。 使用過濾器檢視,書籤和位址欄快速找到要使用的檔。
  • 同步檔。 上載,下載和鏡像檔。 使用過濾來包含或排除檔或檔案類型。 存儲多個網站的配置。
  • 傳輸失敗時,更容易恢復。 SecureFX 可以完成中斷的傳輸,並自動恢復多文件傳輸。
  • 使用整合的 SecureFX 和 SecureCRT 保存步驟。 使用共享工作階段和伺服器主機金鑰設置連接。 通用工作階段和設置減少重複步驟。
  • 使轉移無人值守。 SFXCL 命令行用戶端(僅 Windows )使您可以使用功能強大的選項(如網站同步)來自動執行任務。 您還可以使用內置的任務計劃程式(僅 Windows )來安排傳輸或同步操作一次或以週期性間隔進行。
  • 符合聯邦標準。 使用有助於滿足 HIPAA,SOX 和其他準則(包括 FIPS 140-2)的安全協定。

Amazon S3 儲存

往返於 Amazon S3 傳輸檔,以實現安全的雲端儲存。


通過指定在 SecureFX 啟動時將哪些金鑰載入到SSH2代理中來節省時間。 SecureCRT 9.0 也支援此功能,從而簡化了使用 SecureCRT + SecureFX 捆綁軟體時的步驟。


使用通配符“ *”和“? “可以更快地查找會話 在會話管理器過濾器框中。








SecureFX現在支援rsa-sha2-256和rsa-sha2-512公鑰演演算法(RFC 8332),需要配置密碼(僅適用於 Windows)。

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