Setapp Mac Software Large Collection Package Gift Card Code
Setapp Mac Software Large Collection Package Gift Card Code
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Setapp Mac Software Large Collection Package Gift Card Code

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Setapp allows you to use over 230 premium Mac apps during the validity period, and you only need to pay for one Setapp.

A collection of premium and efficient Mac software packages

The creator likes Setapp. It allows for the complete use of flagship facilities at a single cost. Just like the elf's lamp, Setapp is also full of easy to install tools that can facilitate workflow. Use Setapp membership to make each app available now and every app available.

How Setapp Works

In short, Setapp is a software package, similar to the Apple Store. The difference is that there are both freeware and paid software in the Apple Store, and paid software needs to be purchased separately. In Setapp, you need to pay for Setapp, and then all paid software in Setapp can be installed and used for free.

Hundreds of high-quality Mac software, please check out the software you are interested in here

  1. 24 Hour Wallpaper: Over 90 dynamic wallpapers
  2. 2Do: Schedule tasks and reminders
  3. AdLock: Block annoying browser advertisements
  4. Aeon Timeline: Creating a Data Rich Timeline
  5. AirBuddy: Monitor your wireless device
  6. AlDente Pro: Set battery charging limit
  7. Almighty: Unlock over 50 Mac shortcuts
  8. AnyDroid: Moving files between Mac and Android
  9. AnyTrans for iOS: Moving files between MacOS and iOS
  10. App Tamer: Reduce CPU usage
  11. Aquarelo: Simplify color management
  12. Archiver: Compressed and non ruling files
  13. Asset Catalog Creator Pro: Prepare icons and apply assets
  14. Auxl: Organizing, Testing, and Developing APIs
  15. Backtrack: Record past audio
  16. Bartender: Personalize your menu bar
  17. Base: Simplify sqlite file management
  18. Batteries: Track the battery level of all devices
  19. Be Focused: Managing to-do lists with a timer
  20. Beamer: Streaming video to TV with high quality
  21. BetterTouchTool: Saving time through custom actions
  22. BetterZip: Creating and encrypting archives
  23. Boom 3D: increasing volume and audio quality
  24. Buildwatch: Track your build time in Xcode
  25. BusyCal: Synchronize your tasks with the calendar
  26. BusyContacts: Build your contact database
  27. CameraBag Pro: editing photos and videos
  28. Canary Mail: Only read important emails
  29. Capto: Record and edit videos
  30. ChatMate for WhatsApp: Personalized WhatsApp
  31. Chronicle: Track bills and subscriptions
  32. ChronoSync Express: Synchronize and backup folders
  33. CleanMyMac X: Accelerating and organizing Mac
  34. CleanShot X: Get better screenshots and GIFs
  35. ClearVPN: Try all VPN shortcuts that work
  36. Cloud Outliner: creating a visual outline
  37. CloudMounter: Connect cloud storage to finder
  38. CodeRunner: Faster editing and running of code
  39. Coherence X: Turning a website into an application
  40. Collabio: Joint editing of documents offline
  41. Commander One: Two pane file manager
  42. Core Shell: Fully functional SSH terminal
  43. Daily: Easily track time
  44. Dash: Offline access to API documentation
  45. DCommander: Managing files in a dual pane view
  46. Default Folder X: Access the latest and favorite files
  47. Detail: Use iPhone or camera as webcam
  48. DevUtils: Offline Development Kit
  49. Diagrams: Visualize with diagrams
  50. Dially: Create a private personal diary
  51. Disk Drill: Restore files and avoid data loss
  52. DisplayBuddy: Cross monitor control settings
  53. Downie: Download YouTube videos
  54. Dropshare: Save space through file sharing
  55. Dropzone: Faster completion of daily tasks
  56. Due: Receive continuous reminders
  57. Elmedia Player: Play online videos without advertisements
  58. Endurance: Extending battery life
  59. Euclid: calculated using Excel formulas
  60. Expenses: Track your expenses
  61. Expressions: Accelerating Work with Regularization
  62. Filepane: Save time using a file manager
  63. Filmmage Editor: Easily edit videos like professionals
  64. Flinto: Design interactive application prototypes
  65. Flow: Design UX Animation
  66. Focus: Block websites and social media
  67. Focused: Focused on your writing
  68. Folx: Download videos and torrents
  69. Forecast Bar: Receive weather alerts
  70. ForkLift: Managing files across servers
  71. Gemini: Find and remove duplicates
  72. Get Backup Pro: Back up only basic files
  73. Gifox: capturing GIF from screen
  74. Gitfox: Faster submission using superior differences
  75. GlueMotion: Turning photos into time loss
  76. Glyphs Mini: Editing and managing icon design
  77. Goldie App: Measuring the Golden Ratio in Design
  78. GoodTask: Synchronize with reminders
  79. Grapefruit: Track your emotions
  80. GreenBooks: Easily manage money
  81. Grids: Using Instagram on Mac
  82. HazeOver: dim background window
  83. Home Inventory: Track your items
  84. HoudahSpot: Find files faster
  85. Hustl: Create a schedule for the screen
  86. Type: Create animated HTML5 content
  87. IBoysoft MagicMenu: Right click to expand Mac
  88. IBoysoft NTFS for Mac: Read/Write to NTFS Drive
  89. IconJar: Organize your icon set
  90. IFlicks: Upload videos to iTunes
  91. IM+: Bring all messengers into one
  92. Image2icon: Turn an image into an icon
  93. IMeetingX: Effectively organizing meetings
  94. InstaCal: Simplify Calendar Management
  95. IStat Menus: Track CPU, GPU, sensors, etc.
  96. IThoughtsX: Brainstorming and Visualization Ideas
  97. Jump Desktop: connecting to a remote computer
  98. JustStream: Mirroring a Mac screen to a TV
  99. KeyKey Typing Tutor: Increase typing speed
  100. Keysmith: Create shortcuts for any action
  101. Lacona: Tell you what to do with your Mac
  102. Lift: Watch videos while working
  103. Lofi Garden: Click to play LOFI music
  104. Luminar: Improving photos through AI
  105. Lungo: Keep Mac awake
  106. MacGourmet Deluxe: Collecting and Managing Recipes
  107. Magic Window Air: Try an air screen saver
  108. MarginNote: Learning More Effectively
  109. Marked: Real time markup preview
  110. MarsEdit: Create your text content offline
  111. Mate Translate: Translate anything
  112. MathKey: Convert handwritten mathematics to latex
  113. Meeter: Add a meeting to the menu bar
  114. MeetInOne: Improving Google's traffic satisfaction
  115. Mental Walk: Reflecting on Your Life
  116. MenubarX: browsing the network from the menu bar
  117. Merlin Project Express: Managing Large Projects
  118. Meta: Manage Music Library
  119. MetaImage: Edit image metadata
  120. Mimir: Get podcast advice
  121. MindNode: Mind Map and Brainstorming Ideas
  122. Mission Control Plus: Close the window for task control
  123. Mockuuups Studio: generative model for all devices
  124. Moment: Create reciprocal event
  125. MoneyWiz: Plan a budget and organize bills
  126. MonsterWriter: Easily write complex text
  127. Monitor: Received real-time updates about encryption
  128. Mosaic: Automatically organize windows
  129. Movie Explorer Pro: Plan your movie collection
  130. Movist Pro: Play all video formats
  131. Netspot: Finding the Best Network Connection
  132. News Explorer: Creating the Perfect RSS Feed
  133. Newton: Best Enterprise Email Customer
  134. Nitro PDF Pro: Working with your PDF
  135. Noizio: Turn on ambient sound focus
  136. NotePlan: A space for all work
  137. N-Track Studio: Record and edit music on Mac
  138. Numi: Calculate and convert any content
  139. One Switch: Quick access to MacOS features
  140. OpenIn: Select the open link in the browser
  141. Pagico: Managing Teams and Projects
  142. Paletro: Accessing the functionality of each application
  143. Pareto Security: Check your security settings
  144. Paste: Never lose anything you copy
  145. Path Finder: Copying, deleting, and synchronizing files
  146. Paw: Quick debugging and testing API
  147. PDF Search: Find anything in PDF with AI
  148. PDF Squeezer: Compress PDF without quality loss
  149. Permute: Convert audio, images, and videos
  150. Petrify: Creating images from code snippets
  151. PhotoBulk: Resize and watermark photos
  152. PhotosRevive: Coloring your old photos
  153. Pille: Exquisite curatorial content
  154. PixelSnap: measures anything on the screen
  155. PliimPRO: Shared screen without interference
  156. PocketCAS: Solving Advanced Mathematical Equations
  157. Present Better Presentations
  158. Prizmo: Scan and OCR any files
  159. Proxyman: HTTP debugging proxy for Mac
  160. Pulltube: Download and trim videos
  161. QuickLens: Check and improve your UI
  162. QuitAll: Accelerate Mac by exiting all applications
  163. RapidWeaver: Creating a website without encoding
  164. Receipts: Collecting files digitally
  165. Remote Mouse: Control Mac through phone
  166. Renamer: Renames a batch of files
  167. Repeat: Start new habits and stick to them
  168. Rocket Typist: Save time and text summary typing
  169. Screens: Firmly connect to remote Mac
  170. Secrets: Protect passwords and private data
  171. Serenity: Mute app notification sound
  172. Session: pomodoro timer and analysis
  173. SheetPlanner: Plan and track project progress
  174. Shimo: Manage many VPN connections
  175. Short Menu: Shorten URL
  176. SideNotes: Notes on the side of the screen
  177. Silenz: Focus mode sound
  178. Simon: Control and troubleshooting servers
  179. Sip: Choose a color for your design
  180. Sketch Export for Xcode: Accelerating the design to dev process
  181. Slidepad: Preserve most used applications
  182. SnapMotion: capturing snapshots from videos
  183. SnippetsLab: A library for creating code snippets
  184. Speech Central: Turn text into audio
  185. SpeedCut: Cut an image from the background
  186. Speedo: Becoming better at public speaking
  187. Spotless: Automatically hide files and clean up
  188. SQLPro for SQLite: controlling SQLITE databases
  189. SQLPro Studio: managing multiple DBMs
  190. Squash: compressing and resizing images
  191. SSH Config Editor: Managing SSH Client Configuration Files
  192. Start: Quickly open any application
  193. Step Two: Simplify two-step authentication
  194. Strike: Write, co edit, and publish text
  195. Studies: Trying Smart Learning Notes
  196. Swift Publisher: Self publishing books or brochures
  197. Swish: Set Quick Touch Pad Operations
  198. Tab Finder: Tags from all browsers
  199. TablePlus: Query, edit, and manage databases
  200. TaoGit: Fantasy Git client for MacOS
  201. Tape: Asynchronous screen sharing
  202. Taskheat: Learn to prioritize tasks
  203. TaskPaper: Normal Text Task Management
  204. Tayasui Sketches: Draw and create illustrations
  205. TeaCode: Accelerate encoding using an extender
  206. TextSniper: Extracting text from visual effects
  207. TextSoap: Make sure your text is correct
  208. Time Out: Remind yourself to take a break
  209. Timeless: Avoid deadline anxiety
  210. Timelator: Track the productivity of each project
  211. Timing: Track the time you spend in each application
  212. ToothFairy: Faster connection to Bluetooth devices
  213. TouchRetouch: Delete objects from photos
  214. Downloader: Remote download on Mac
  215. Trickster: Quick access to the latest files
  216. TripMode: Save internet data
  217. Tripsy: Plan travel on Mac and iOS
  218. Typeface: Find the perfect font
  219. UBar: Make the dock useful
  220. UctoX: Editing and tracking invoices
  221. Ulysses: Writing and publishing from an application
  222. Excluder: Temporary storage on desktop computers
  223. Unite: Create an application from a website
  224. Vivid: Dual display brightness
  225. Waiting List: Celebrating important events
  226. WallCal: Boot clear calendar to desktop
  227. Wallpaper Wizard: Choose from 25K wallpapers
  228. Webfont: Create and manage icon fonts
  229. Whisk: Code editor with real-time preview
  230. WidgetWall: Adding Widgets to Mac Desktop
  231. WiFi Explorer: Solving WiFi Problems
  232. Wokabulary: Learning a Foreign Language
  233. Workspaces: One click settings for your work
  234. World Clock Pro: Working across time zones
  235. Wunderbucket: Turn a folder into a website
  236. XCOrganizer: Organizing Xcode Projects
  237. Xnapper: Create shareable screenshots
  238. Yac: Shared asynchronous message
  239. Yoink: Temporary File Staging
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