RollBack Rx Professional-Computer System Recovery and Restore Tool Software
RollBack Rx Professional-Computer System Recovery and Restore Tool Software
RollBack Rx Professional-Computer System Recovery and Restore Tool Software
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RollBack Rx Professional-Computer System Recovery and Restore Tool Software

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RollBack Rx Professional is an instant time machine for your PC.

A comprehensive Windows System Restore solution that enables users and IT administrators to easily restore their PCs to any previous state in seconds.

RollBack Rx Professional offers a whole new approach to PC management. Any unforeseen events, such as user errors, viruses, or even botched software installations, can be easily and absolutely reversed in a fast and efficient way.

Functional features

  • Return to any previous point in time in seconds.
  • Returns any previous snapshot in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months.
  • Does not affect computer performance and uses minimal system resources.
  • Supports unlimited snapshots.
  • A full system snapshot can be created without rebooting the system.
  • Recover from any system crashes in seconds, even if Windows won't start.
  • Quit any failed programs, operating system updates, and botched updates.
  • Recover from any malware or virus attack in seconds.
  • Work with VMWare and virtual machines, either as hosts or as clients in virtual machines.
  • Supports multi-boot, multi-OS workstations.
  • Lock the snapshot to prevent deletion.
  • Intuitive GUI-based snapshot manager.
  • Explore, browse, and retrieve files and folders from any snapshot. Drag and drop them into your active system.
  • Scroll backward and forward to any available system snapshot.
  • Allows users to test any software safely. Fast, 100% complete uninstaller.
  • Retrieve files from a crashed PC, even if Windows won't start.
  • Access Control – Manage multiple users and manage the level of permissions.
  • Automatically schedule snapshots on a fixed schedule or execute specific files (i.e., setup.exe) as well as manually.
  • 256-bit AES snapshot encryption.
  • Prevent unauthorized data theft when a laptop is stolen.
  • Group management and corporate network management controls (free utility).
  • Comes with a stealth mode where you can hide the rollback Rx tray icon and splash screen (seen during startup)
  • Change the startup hotkey for subconsole access (HOME by default).
  • Built-in snapshot defragmenter to optimize system resources and recover free space.
  • Option to keep files and folders unchanged when rolling back.
  • The System Administrator's Advanced Settings Configuration Wizard sets deployment options and predefined rollback Rx settings.
  • Provides detailed program operation logs.
  • All industry-standard deployment options are supported, including silent installation and pre-installation configurations.

Why RollBack Rx Pro?

  • Complete Windows System Restore solution

Windows System Restore restores only Windows system files and some program files. Also, if Windows crashes to the point where Windows itself cannot boot (such as BSOD), you will not be able to access Windows System Restore Points. In contrast, RollBack Rx technology works at the sector level of the hard drive and recovers everything! All the way to the last byte of the data. It is located under Windows, so even if Windows crashes, there is a subconsole (mini-operating system) that starts before Windows. This allows you to access the point in time when the RX is rolled back and returned to the point in time when the system is running without failure.

  • Daily continuous backup solution

Most backup techniques, such as imaging, are static and time-consuming. The task is so daunting that even disciplined IT departments rarely have time for regular backups. In the event of a disaster, the length of time to back up directly determines the amount of data lost. In today's computing environment, 98% of PC disasters are micro-disasters (malware, botched Windows updates, software installations, etc.). How do you protect yourself from the vast majority of PC disasters?

RollBack Rx is a dynamic instant recovery solution. Snapshots can be taken silently in the background automatically. Each backup snapshot takes only a few seconds. When you want to restore your PC, you can quickly return to any previous state in the time it takes to restart your PC.

  • Software uninstaller and malware uninstaller

Most uninstaller software, including the Add/Remove Programs built into Windows, is a piecemeal solution. When you uninstall an application, there may still be residual programs; As for what to keep and what to actually remove, you are really at the mercy of the author of the software. Only rolling back Rx restores your workstation bit by bit to any previous snapshots. The problem with antivirus programs is that, by design, they are always catching up. Ongoing attempts to identify and remove known threats and update their definition files. However, when a virus does strike, you can trust RollBack Rx to completely undo the infection and restore your PC to its pre-virus state. RollBack Rx is widely used to test software safely. Enables you to try out software without compromising system integrity.

  • Zero-day disaster recovery

Let's say you are working on an important document. Then, while checking your inbox, you experience a catastrophic system crash and your PC becomes completely unusable. Unfortunately, the last snapshot was taken a week ago... RollBack Rx technology allows you to return to the state of your system from a week ago without losing any data from your current (crashed) system. How is this possible? The Recover Files feature helps to access any file from the crashed system state, including important documents you are working on. This feature is absolutely necessary for organizations that require zero-day disaster recovery with no downtime. RollBack Rx increases productivity, enabling IT administrators to restore PCs to a fully functional state in minutes without data loss.

  • Enterprise-grade network management

RollBack Rx simplifies enterprise-grade network management. Horizon DataSys provides a free network management console for all RollBack Rx clients. The Remote Management Console (RMC) simplifies the tasks of network administrators by enabling IT administrators to remotely manage, configure, and control all RollBack Rx client installations. RMC enables all client-based features remotely over LAN, WAN, and even the Internet. For more information about RMC, click here.


RollBack Rx Professional 是一款適用於您PC的即時時間機器。

一個全面的 Windows 系統還原解決方案,使用戶和 IT 管理員能夠在幾秒鐘內輕鬆地將他們的 PC 還原到任何以前的狀態。

RollBack Rx Professional 提供了一種全新的PC管理方法。 任何不可預見的事件,例如使用者錯誤、病毒,甚至是拙劣的軟體安裝,都可以以快速有效的方式輕鬆絕對地逆轉。


  • 在幾秒鐘內返回到任何先前的時間點。
  • 返回幾分鐘、幾小時、幾天、幾周甚至幾個月的任何以前的快照。
  • 不影響計算機性能,使用最少的系統資源。
  • 支援無限快照。
  • 無需重新啟動系統即可創建完整的系統快照。
  • 在幾秒鐘內恢復任何系統崩潰(即使 Windows 無法啟動)。
  • 退出任何失敗的程式、操作系統更新和拙劣的更新。
  • 在幾秒鐘內從任何惡意軟體或病毒攻擊中恢復。
  • 與 VMWare 和虛擬機一起工作,作為主機或在虛擬機中作為用戶端。
  • 支援多引導、多作業系統工作站。
  • 鎖定快照以防止刪除。
  • 直觀的基於 GUI 的快照管理員。
  • 從任何快照探索、瀏覽和檢索文件和資料夾。 將它們拖放到您的活動系統中。
  • 向後和向前滾動到任何可用的系統快照。
  • 允許使用者安全地測試任何軟體。 快速、100% 完整的卸載程式。
  • 從崩潰的PC中檢索檔,即使 Windows 無法啟動。
  • 訪問控制——管理多個使用者和管理許可權的級別。
  • 自動安排快照按固定計劃或執行特定檔(即 setup.exe)以及手動進行。
  • 256 位 AES 快照加密。
  • 防止筆記型電腦被盜時未經授權的數據盜竊。
  • 組管理和企業網路管理控制(免費實用程式)。
  • 帶有隱形模式,您可以在其中隱藏回滾 Rx 托盤圖示和啟動畫面(在啟動期間看到)
  • 更改子主控台訪問的啟動熱鍵(預設為 HOME)。
  • 內置快照碎片整理程式,可優化系統資源並恢復可用空間。
  • 回滾時保持檔和資料夾不變的選項。
  • 系統管理員的高級設置配置精靈將設置部署選項和預定義的回滾 Rx 設置。
  • 提供詳細的程式操作日誌。
  • 支援所有行業標準部署選項,包括靜默安裝和預安裝配置。

為什麼選擇 RollBack Rx Pro?

  • 完整的 Windows 系統還原解決方案

Windows 系統還原僅還原 Windows 系統檔和一些程式檔。 此外,如果 Windows 崩潰到 Windows 本身無法啟動的程度(例如 BSOD),您將無法存取 Windows 系統還原點。 相比之下,RollBack Rx 技術在硬碟的扇區級別工作並恢復一切! 一直到數據的最後一個字節。 它位於 Windows 下方,因此即使 Windows 崩潰,也有一個在 Windows 之前啟動的子主控台(迷你作業系統)。 這允許您訪問回滾 Rx 並返回到系統無故障運行的時間點。

  • 每日連續備份解決方案

大多數備份技術(例如成像)是靜態的且耗時的。 這項任務如此艱巨,以至於即使是紀律嚴明的 IT 部門也很少有時間進行定期備份。 如果發生災難,備份的時間長短直接決定了數據丟失的數量。 在當今的計算環境中,98% 的PC災難都是微災難(惡意軟體、拙劣的 Windows 更新、軟體安裝等)。 您如何保護自己免受絕大多數PC災難的影響?

RollBack Rx 是一種動態即時恢復解決方案。 可以自動在後台靜默拍攝快照。 每個備份快照只需幾秒鐘。 當您想要恢復您的 PC 時,您可以在重新啟動 PC 所需的時間內快速返回到任何以前的狀態。

  • 軟體卸載程式和惡意軟體卸載程式

大多數卸載程式軟體,包括 Windows 內置的添加/刪除程式,都是零散的解決方案。 卸載應用程式時,可能仍有殘留的程式; 至於保留哪些內容以及實際刪除哪些內容,您確實受軟體作者的支配。 只有回滾 Rx 才能將您的工作站逐位恢復到任何以前的快照。 防病毒程序的問題在於,按照設計,它們總是在追趕。 不斷嘗試識別和刪除已知威脅並更新其定義檔。 但是,當病毒確實來襲時,您可以信任 RollBack Rx 來完全撤消感染,將您的 PC 恢復到病毒發生之前的狀態。 RollBack Rx 被廣泛用於安全地測試軟體。 使您能夠在不影響系統完整性的情況下試用軟體。

  • 零日災難恢復

假設您正在處理一份重要檔。 然後,在檢查您的收件匣時,您遇到了災難性的系統崩潰,您的PC變得完全無法使用。 不幸的是,最後一張快照是一周前拍攝的...... RollBack Rx 技術允許您返回到一周前的系統狀態,而不會丟失當前(崩潰)系統中的任何數據。 這怎麼可能? 恢復檔案功能有助於從崩潰的系統狀態訪問任何檔,包括您正在處理的重要文檔。 對於需要無停機時間的零日災難恢復的組織來說,此功能是絕對必要的。 RollBack Rx 提高了工作效率,使 IT 管理員能夠在幾分鐘內將 PC 恢復到功能齊全的狀態,而不會丟失數據。

  • 企業級網路管理

RollBack Rx 簡化了企業級網路管理。 Horizon DataSys 為所有 RollBack Rx 用戶端提供免費的網路管理控制台。 遠端管理主控台 (RMC) 使 IT 管理員能夠遠端管理、配置和控制所有 RollBack Rx 用戶端安裝,從而簡化網路管理員的任務。 RMC 透過 LAN、WAN 甚至 Internet 遠端啟用所有基於用戶端的功能。 有關 RMC 的更多資訊,請按兩下此處。

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