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ProVideoServer PVS
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ProVideoServer PVS

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ProVideoServer (PVS) is a multi-channel video ingestion and playback server that can record or play back up to four channels from a single computer. Time slippage, serial communication, flat screens, and graphical overlays make PVS an ideal channel for many different organizations.

Four channels or one? PVS has you covered

Output up to four channels of video from a single machine via a Blackmagic HD/SDI device.

Choose from your favorite codecs such as ProRes, MPEG 4, and H264, as well as standard or HD resolutions, and we take care of real-time video scaling and video interlacing or deinterlacing.

In addition to silky smooth video playback, PVS offers countdown/fall timers via supported cards via VITC (VANC), as well as 8 audio channels with on-screen metering.

Recording and time slippage

PVS can record up to 4 Pro-Res files with multichannel audio at a time. The time slip feature allows video to be played on another channel while the recording channel continues recording. Use PVS's sync feature to make an ideal dual-input, dual-output time-slip playback server.


ProVideoServer allows two or more channels to be synchronized for frame-accurate playback. Two sets of two channels can also be synchronized. A unique feature here is the ability to advance or rewind one frame of video at a time to offset any latency due to downstream pipelines. This offset can be adjusted in real time and on a channel-by-channel basis.

Broadcast protocol communication

To facilitate control from the video switcher, PVS includes a variety of communication protocols in the solution. These include VDCP and AMP, allowing users to trigger clips directly from any channel via the switcher.

Slate sieve

The flat screen is a great feature that can be loaded after selecting a clip and before playback. It summarizes the name, location, format, size and duration of the clip and gives you 4 snapshots of different times in the video. This is useful if your video all starts in black – it allows you to see different parts of the clip, so you can be sure it's the right part. As soon as you hit the play button, it will disappear for live output.

Graphics layers

Graphics layers allow you to composite still images on top of your video. Each channel has its own graphics layer. This is perfect for any logo mistakes you wish to appear on one or more videos. You can place the image anywhere on the desired layer and have it fade in/out at the desired speed.


平板螢幕和圖形疊加使 PVS 成為許多不同組織的理想管道。

四個通道還是一個通道? PVS 為您提供保障

通過 Blackmagic HD/SDI 設備從一台機器輸出多達四個通道的視頻。

從您最喜愛的編解碼器(如 ProRes、MPEG 4 和 H264)以及標準或高清解析度中進行選擇,我們負責實時視頻縮放和視頻隔行掃描或去隔行掃描。



PVS 一次最多可以錄製 4 個具有多聲道音訊的 Pro-Res 檔。 時間滑移功能允許在另一個通道上播放視頻,同時錄製通道繼續錄製。 使用PVS的同步功能,使一個理想的雙輸入,雙輸出時間滑移播放伺服器。


ProVideoServer 允許同步兩個或多個通道,以實現幀精確播放。 兩組兩個通道也可以同步。 這裡的一個獨特功能是能夠一次前進或後退一幀視頻,以抵消由於下游管道造成的任何延遲。 該偏移量可以實時調整,並按通道進行調整。


為了便於從視頻切換器進行控制,PVS 在解決方案中包含了多種通信協定。 其中包括 VDCP 和 AMP,允許使用者通過切換台從任何通道直接觸發剪輯。


平板螢幕是一個很棒的功能,可以在選擇剪輯後和播放之前載入。 它總結了剪輯的名稱,位置,格式,大小和持續時間,併為您提供了視頻中不同時間的4個快照。 如果您的視頻全部以黑色開頭,這非常有用 - 它允許您看到剪輯的不同部分,因此您可以確定它是正確的部分。 只要您點擊播放按鈕,它就會消失以進行實時輸出。


圖形圖層允許您在視頻頂部合成靜止圖像。 每個通道都有自己的圖形層。 這非常適合您希望在一個或多個視頻上出現的任何徽標錯誤。 您可以將圖像放置在所需層次上的任何位置,並使其以所需的速度淡入/淡出。

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