Printer for Remote Desktop-Printer Redirection Remote Desktop Software
Printer for Remote Desktop-Printer Redirection Remote Desktop Software
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Printer for Remote Desktop-Printer Redirection Remote Desktop Software

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Print from a remote desktop session to a local printer via Microsoft RDP, Teradici PCoIP, or Citrix ICA.


Remote Desktop printers are printing solutions for Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, VDI, Citrix, and Cloud environments. Users print directly to their local printers without installing printer drivers on any terminal servers.

The program consists of workstation and server parts. The workstation part should be installed on the local computer or thin client. The server side goes to the remote server and creates a FabulaTech virtual printer. Virtual printers are mapped to locally plugged-in hardware printers or even network printers through existing remote desktop connections.

There is also no need to worry about the drivers on the server because the software already has everything it needs and it needs to work perfectly.

Secure and independent access

Remote desktop printers are responsible for handling confidential information. For multi-user environments (Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016), if multiple users log on to the remote end, each printer is isolated in its single session. Therefore, you don't have to worry about documents containing sensitive data being sent to someone else's printer, even if it's wrong. Each user can view their own printer only in a remote session. You don't need to scroll through another user's device list to find a printer.

Driverless printing solution

The remote side does not require a native printer driver. Every time a new printer is plugged in, there is no need to install any drivers on the remote side (new printer driver installation requires administrative privileges and can be a headache for system administrators).

Remote Desktop Protocol in different environments

Remote Desktop printers support different Remote Desktop protocols, including Microsoft RDP, Teradici PCoIP, Citrix ICA. It doesn't matter what environment you use (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, Amazon Workspace, etc.). Any compatible client software can be used to access the remote side. And there is no need to change firewall settings.

Seamless mode support

Remote desktop printers work perfectly in seamless mode. This is a simple and convenient feature that allows connecting your local printer to any remote application running printing in seamless mode.

Fast printing, high quality

Remote desktop printers reduce the amount of printed data for faster data transfer. The image quality of all printouts is absolutely maintained.

Supports a wide range of printers

Remote Desktop printers work with all brands of printers, so there's no need to switch to any specific hardware. The program maintains all standard printing functions, it supports all color modes and resolutions, as well as all standard paper sizes, including portrait and landscape orientation.

OEM license benefits

Remote desktop feature printers can be easily integrated into applications. Therefore, you can allow terminal server users to access local printers in remote Windows sessions. Read more...

What customers say

In short, it worked better than expected. Install it to the terminal server, print a test page, and it works. There is no configuration. This is a product we have been waiting for for a long time.

  • And even more...
  • Supports single-user and multi-user environments.
  • Zero configuration required.
  • Works with any virtual machine.
  • Mix 32 and 64-bit environments.


通過 Microsoft RDP、Teradici PCoIP 或 Citrix ICA 從遠端桌面會話列印到本地印表機。


遠端桌面印表機是終端服務、遠端桌面、VDI、Citrix 和雲端環境的印表解決方案。 使用者直接列印到其本地印表機,而無需在任何終端伺服器上安裝印表機驅動程式。

該程式由工作站和伺服器部件組成。 工作站部件應安裝在本地電腦或瘦用戶端上。 伺服器端轉到遠端伺服器並創建 FabulaTech 虛擬印表機。 虛擬印表機通過現有的遠端桌面連接映射到本地插入的硬體印表機,甚至網路印表機。



遠端桌面印表機負責處理機密資訊。 對於多用戶環境(Windows Server 2008、2012、2016),如果有多個使用者登錄到遠端端,則每台列印機在其單個會話中隔離。 因此,您不必擔心包含敏感數據的文件會發送到其他人的印表機,即使是錯誤的。 每個使用者只能在遠端會話中查看自己的印表機。 不需要滾動其他用戶的設備清單來查找印表機。


遠端不需要本機印表機驅動程式。 每次插入新印表機時,都不需要在遠端端安裝任何驅動程式(新印表機驅動程式安裝需要管理許可權,並且可能會令系統管理員頭疼)。


遠端桌面印表機支援不同的遠端桌面協定,包括微軟 RDP、Teradici PCoIP、Citrix ICA。 使用什麼環境並不重要(微軟 Azure、微軟終端服務、Citrix XenApp、Citrix XenDesktop、VMware 視圖、亞馬遜工作區等)。 任何相容的用戶端軟體都可用於訪問遠端端。 並且無需更改防火牆設置。


遠端桌面印表機在無縫模式下完美工作。 這是簡單和方便的功能,允許連接您的本地印表機到任何遠端應用程式運行列印在無縫模式。


遠端桌面印表機可減少印表數據量,從而加快數據傳送速率。 所有列印輸出的圖像質量絕對保持。


遠端桌面印表機可與所有品牌的印表機使用,因此無需切換到任何特定硬體。 該程式維護所有標準列印功能,它支援所有顏色模式和解析度,以及所有標準紙張尺寸,包括縱向和橫向。

OEM 許可證權益

遠端桌面功能印表機可以輕鬆整合到應用程式中。 因此,您可以允許終端伺服器使用者在遠端 Windows 工作階段中存取本地印表機。 閱讀更多...


簡言之,它比預期的效果更好。 安裝到終端伺服器,列印測試頁,它的工作。 沒有任何配置。 這是我們等待了很久的產品。

  • 甚至更多...
  • 支援單使用者和多用戶環境。
  • 需要零配置。
  • 適用於任何虛擬機。
  • 混合 32 和 64 位環境。
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