Navicat On-Prem Server
Navicat On-Prem Server
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Navicat On-Prem Server

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Navicat On-Prem Server is an on-premises solution that gives you the option to host your cloud environment for storing Navicat objects internally at your location. In our On-Prem environment, you have complete control over your system and 100% privacy. It's secure and secure, allowing you to maintain a level of control that the cloud can't.

Ultimate flexibility.

Designed to meet your security and compliance requirements.

Easily sync connection settings, queries, models, code snippets, chart workspaces, and virtual group information across all your devices, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Files stored in Navicat On-Prem Server are automatically displayed on the Navicat Series and Navicat On-Prem Server Portal, so you can access them in real time anytime, anywhere.

Ultimate control. There are no boundaries.

Navicat On-Prem Server is installed on your own on-premises server and behind its firewall. Everything runs on the server with no third-party access. You have full control over security and data ownership in your environment; Any changes, configurations, and upgrades are at your sole discretion.

Better hand in hand.

The Navicat series makes collaboration easy. Add all your Navicat On-Prem Servers to one Navicat so you can access and manage your cloud servers within one interface without having to open multiple applications.

Create, organize, and share files or projects with anyone, anywhere, in real time. Keep your files up to date so everyone can use the latest version of them.

You have full control over your project - add members of your choice, assign roles to each member, and view your team's activity from the activity log so you can adjust your team and increase productivity. Let your colleagues get work done together with our feature-rich, integrated, and secure cloud services.

  • SMS or email notifications

Set up an SMS or email server to get notified about the latest server updates, security events, or project invitations. After you receive a notification, you can quickly diagnose and resolve database problems.

  • organization

Assign roles to on-premises users or external LDAP/AD users to set user access and restrictions. Enables you to easily manage user accounts and their storage, user permission levels, and more.

  • Web portal

Monitor your cloud services and manage your files or projects through a web-based interface. Information is presented in an intuitive and accessible way.


Navicat On-Prem Server 是一個內部部署解決方案,它為你提供託管雲環境的選項,用於在你的位置內部存儲 Navicat 物件。 在我們的 On-Prem 環境中,你可以完全控制你的系統並做到百分百隱私保護。 它安全可靠,可讓你保持一個雲無法實現的控制水準。



在你的所有設備(包括 Windows、macOS 和 Linux)之間輕鬆同步連接設置、查詢、模型、代碼段、圖表工作區和虛擬組資訊。 儲存在 Navicat On-Prem Server 中的檔會自動顯示在 Navicat 系列和 Navicat On-Prem Server Portal 上,這樣你就能隨時隨地即時訪問他們。

終極操控。 沒有界限。

Navicat On-Prem Server 安裝在你自己的本地伺服器上並位於其防火牆後面。 一切都在伺服器上運行,沒有第三方訪問。 你可以完全控制環境中的安全性和數據擁有權; 任何更改、配置和升級均由你自行決定。


Navicat 系列使協同合作變得容易。 將你所有的 Navicat On-Prem Server 添加到一個 Navicat 中,這樣你就可以在一個介面內訪問和管理你的雲伺服器,而無需打開多個應用程式。

隨時隨地與任何人即時創建、組織和共用檔或專案。 你的檔可以保持最新狀態,讓每個人都能使用最新版本的檔。

你可以完全控制你的專案-添加你選擇的成員,分配每個成員的角色,並可從活動日誌查看你的團隊活動,以便調整你的團隊,提高生產率。 通過我們功能豐富、集成且安全的雲服務,讓你的同事合力完成工作。

  • 簡訊或電子郵件通知

設置簡訊或電子郵件伺服器,獲取有關伺服器最新更新、安全活動或專案邀請的通知。 收到通知后,你可以快速診斷和解決資料庫問題。

  • 組織

為本地使用者或外部LDAP/AD使用者分配角色來設置使用者訪問許可權和限制。 使你能夠輕鬆管理用戶帳號及其存儲空間、使用者許可權級別等。

  • 網路門戶

通過一個基於網路的介面監控你的雲服務並管理你的檔或專案。 資訊以直觀且易於訪問的方式呈現。

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