Microsoft Visio 2021
Microsoft Visio 2021
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Microsoft Visio 2021

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Easily create professional diagrams

Easily create any professional diagram with a familiar onboarding experience, ready-made templates, and thousands of shapes that help meet industry standards, including UML 2.5 and BPMN 2.0.

Collaborate with others and share diagrams seamlessly

Enjoy a more freewheeling chart collaboration experience with Skype for Business' co-editing, shape-specific comments, and in-app presence features. Easily share diagrams directly in Visio and get input from key stakeholders.

Connect flowcharts to real-time data for faster decision making

Link Visio shapes and diagrams to real-time data from a variety of popular data sources, both internal and external. Use formatting in charts or data graphics to visually express changes in underlying data for fast, unique insights.

Features to easily create professional charts

  • Universal templates and thousands of shapes

Choose from dozens of templates, including built-in wireframes, and thousands of customizable shapes to turn numbers, ideas, and other data ideas into coherent, impactful stories.

  • Support industry standards

Extract industry-standard content from Visio's large shape library, including Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.5, Business Process Modeling and Annotation (BPMN) 2.0, and Specification and Description Language (SDL) compliance.

  • Built-in validation

Run Visio's validation engine to help ensure that BPMN and workflow diagrams have all the required elements. Use the XML extended validation engine to validate other types of charts.

  • A familiar experience

Build diagrams more efficiently with intuitive features like drag-and-drop, alignment and positioning, and auto-connect. Also, add a professional and appealing look to your charts with pre-made themes and effects.

Collaborate with others and share diagrams seamlessly

  • The team edits at the same time

Work with team members to edit diagrams to maintain consistent versions and minimize version conflicts. See the parts of the chart that everyone is working on, get notified about changes, and choose when to merge those changes into the master file.

  • In-app reviews

Comments added and replied to in Visio give you insights from all relevant stakeholders. You can associate comments with specific chart shapes to help avoid confusion.

  • Real-time status metrics

See who is available on your team with real-time Skype for Business status metrics in Visio. And quickly launch IM, voice, or video conferencing in your app.

  • Simple and highly secure sharing

Share diagrams in Visio through a variety of highly secure online repositories, such as OneDrive for Business and SharePoint*, or export files in PDF, PPTX, or DOCX format. **

*OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sold separately

**Requires PowerPoint (PPTX) or Word (DOCX), both sold separately.

Connect flowcharts to real-time data for faster decision making

  • Simple data link

Connect Visio shapes and diagrams to data from common internal and external sources* to simplify complex information and provide new insights. Insert data graphics or use formatting to reflect changes to the underlying data in the chart.

  • Access data charts anytime, anywhere

Even if you don't have a Visio Online plan subscription, you can view data-connected diagrams from your favorite browser from virtually anywhere in Visio Online.

  • Database reverse engineering

Use the Database Reverse Engineering (DBRE) add-in to create a database model from an existing database.

  • Organization chart for data connections

Automatically generate org charts from data sources such as Excel, Exchange, or Azure Active Directory to save time and reduce manual input errors.

*Visio supports a variety of data sources, including Microsoft Excel workbooks, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation lists, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Microsoft Exchange Server directories, Azure Active Directory information, and other OLEDBs ODBC data sources.

System requirements

  • Processor: 1.6 GHz dual-core processor
  • Operating system Windows 10
  • Memory 4GB (64-bit), 2GB (32-bit) RAM
  • Hard disk space: 4GB of available hard disk space
  • Display resolution 1024 x 768
  • Graphics card DirectX 10 graphics card for PC graphics hardware acceleration
  • Additional System Requirements An Internet connection is required to use the Internet feature
  • An Microsoft account is required



使用熟悉的入門體驗、現成的範本,以及有助於滿足行業標準(包括 UML 2.5 和 BPMN 2.0)的數千種形狀輕鬆創建任何專業圖表。


使用 Skype for Business 的共同編輯、特定於形狀的評論和應用內狀態功能,暢享更自由的圖表協作體驗。 *直接在 Visio 中輕鬆共享圖表,獲取關鍵利益干系人的意見。


將 Visio 形狀和圖表連結到來自各種常用數據源(內部和外部)的實時數據。 使用圖表中的格式或數據圖形直觀表達基礎數據中的更改,獲得快速、獨特的見解。


  • 通用範本和數千種形狀


  • 支援行業標準

從 Visio 的大型形狀庫中提取符合行業標準的內容,標準包括統一建模語言 (UML) 2.5、業務流程建模和標註 (BPMN) 2.0 以及規範和描述語言 (SDL) 符合性。

  • 內置驗證

運行 Visio 的驗證引擎,幫助確保 BPMN 和工作流程圖具有所有必需元素。 使用 XML 擴展驗證引擎,驗證其他類型的圖表。

  • 熟悉的體驗

利用拖放、對齊和定位以及自動連接等直觀功能,更有效地構建圖表。 此外,使用預製主題和效果為你的圖表添加專業且吸引人的外觀。


  • 團隊同時進行編輯

與團隊成員共同編輯圖表,維持統一的版本並最大程度減少版本衝突。 查看每個人處理的圖表部分,獲取有關更改的通知,以及選擇何時將這些更改合併到主檔中。

  • 應用內的評論

通過 Visio 中添加和回復的評論,可瞭解所有相關利益干系人的見解。 可將評論與特定的圖表形狀相關聯,説明避免混淆。

  • 即時狀態指標

通過 Visio 中的即時 Skype for Business 狀態指標查看團隊中的有空人員。 並可在應用中快速啟動 IM、語音或視頻會議。

  • 簡單而高度安全的共用

通過各種高度安全的在線存儲庫(如 OneDrive for Business 和 SharePoint)在 Visio 中共用圖表,*或將檔以 PDF、PPTX 或 DOCX 格式導出。 **

*OneDrive for Business 和 SharePoint 單獨出售

**需要 PowerPoint (PPTX) 或 Word (DOCX),它們均單獨出售。


  • 簡單數據連結

將 Visio 形狀和圖表連接到來自常見內部和外部源*的數據,簡化複雜資訊並提供新見解。 插入資料圖形或使用格式,反映圖表中基礎數據的更改。

  • 隨時隨地訪問數據圖表

即使沒有 Visio Online 計劃訂閱,也可在幾乎任何位置通過 Visio Online 從喜愛的瀏覽器查看連接了數據的圖表。

  • 資料庫逆向工程

使用資料庫逆向工程 (DBRE) 載入項,從現有資料庫創建資料庫模型。

  • 數據連接的組織結構圖

從 Excel、Exchange 或 Azure Active Directory 等數據源自動生成組織結構圖,從而節省時間並減少手動輸入的錯誤。

*Visio 支援多種數據源,包括 Microsoft Excel 工作簿、Microsoft Access 資料庫,Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 列表、Microsoft SQL Server 資料庫、Microsoft Exchange Server 目錄,Azure Active Directory 資訊以及其他 OLEDB 或 ODBC 數據源。


  • 處理器 1.6 Ghz 雙核處理器
  • 操作系統 Windows 10
  • 記憶體 4GB(64 位),2GB(32 位)RAM
  • 硬碟空間 4GB 可用硬碟空間
  • 顯示器 解析度 1024 x 768
  • 顯卡 適用於PC圖形硬體加速的 DirectX 10 顯卡
  • 其他系統要求 使用互聯網功能需要連接互聯網
  • 需要 Microsoft 帳戶
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