iToo RailClone Pro 3DS Max- Professional Parametric Modeling Plug-In Tool
iToo RailClone Pro 3DS Max- Professional Parametric Modeling Plug-In Tool
iToo RailClone Pro 3DS Max- Professional Parametric Modeling Plug-In Tool
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iToo RailClone Pro 3DS Max- Professional Parametric Modeling Plug-In Tool

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Tired of editing assets that are fixed, difficult to modify, and require time-consuming manual labor? Want to make it easier to create smart parametric objects that are easy to update and can be used and reused again and again, but require minimal time investment?

Enter RailClone - 3ds Max's artist-friendly parametric modeling and spline cloning plug-ins that are fast, efficient, and easy to learn.

RailClone is unlike any other tool on the market. Objects can be created by simply assembling and repeating existing geometry using a set of easy-to-define rules. If you can model in Max, you can use RailClone to create procedure objects

Choose from hundreds of built-in presets, adjust existing objects by adding your own geometry, or even create your own from scratch using RailClone's easy-to-understand visual editor.


1 - Base object

Instead of constructing objects from scratch, RailClone works by assembling and repeating existing geometry along paths. To do this, it needs two things - a spline of paths and, of course, some modular geometry.

2 - Rule Generator

Imagine that you are explaining to the manufacturer how to build this bus shelter, and you might say: "Put a glass panel at the beginning and end, add mullions at 2-meter intervals, and fill it between the roof and the glass." If you understand that, you understand RailClone.

3 - Modifier

Just like Max, RailClone has its own modifiers, called operators, for manipulating geometry. You can group items, create patterns, randomize transformations, UV and material IDs, create conditional relationships, and much more.

Make it easy for smart assets to work

  • Proxy caching

Bake RailClone objects to the proxy cache without breaking instantiation or losing access to advanced features. Caching can be stored in the scene or exported to a separate file to minimize file bloat and make it easy to reuse.

  • Assign light sources and virtual hard disks

Distributes non-geometric objects, including lights and VDB volumes. Combine them with the geometry of the blend style and even create random variations using RailClone colors with light tones.

  • Support for groups

Precomposite objects into standard Max groups and use them as segments of geometric objects, non-geometric objects such as lights and VDBs, or any combination of both.

  • Intuitive banking controls

Use the RC Spline Modifier to add easy-to-manipulate gizmosis controls to control the tilt angle of geometry along any point of the spline. By simply rotating the marker, the geometry is distorted, turned, and smoothly deformed to match.

  • New uniform mode

Distribute geometry along splines at regular intervals with more control than ever before. Force odd intervals, even numbers, or only primitive patterns, where the numbers are determined by the best fit.

  • Drop-down list

Make it easier for users to select geometry, change materials, turn elements on and off, or control virtually any property of a graphic using easy-to-understand text-based drop-down lists that are entered numerically.

  • Compatible with Arnold 7

Use the latest version of Autodesk's built-in rendering engine, as well as the latest versions of V-Ray, Corona, and Redshift.

  • Use labeled data to control generators

When you use the Extend X/Y Size to Range pattern, you use tags to control many of the builder parameters. If more than one tag is found on the spline, the value is obtained from the first tag found.

  • Improvements to clipping

Translate or rotate nested generators or composite objects outside the boundaries of the cut area and still retain all segments. Perfect for creating more than 100 random hinges or sliding doors and windows.

Key features

  • versatility

With RailClone, there are no limits to your creativity. Unlike other scripts and plugins designed for single-type models, in RailClone you can create almost anything.

  • Simple and easy to use

RailClone uses an easy-to-understand visual style editor to create complex structures. Unlike other tools, programming knowledge is absolutely not required.

  • Speed

RailClone is fully multithreaded and highly optimized for speed. This, combined with efficient viewport display modes and powerful instancing, means you can create and render large objects made up of thousands of highly detailed parts.

  • adapt

RailClone assembles, transforms, slices, and transforms geometry to create seamless objects. Just set a few rules and the object will automatically build for you, even on a curved path!

  • intelligent

Let RailClone think for you with advanced algorithms that deform geometry to follow sloping paths and surfaces. Sloping and uneven walls, stairs, handrails, railings, and stepped fences are no longer a chore created in 3ds Max.

  • Ready

RailClone Pro features nearly 400 predefined styles, including fences, railings, obstacles, traffic, walls, and more. The Library Browser is fully customizable, allowing you to add new categories and models and share them with colleagues


厭倦了使用固定的、難以修改的、需要耗時的手工勞動來編輯的資產? 希望更容易創建易於更新的智慧參數化物件,可以一次又一次地使用和重用,但需要最少的時間投入?

進入RailClone - 3ds Max的藝術家友好型參數化建模和樣條克隆外掛程式,快速、高效且易於學習。

RailClone不同於市場上的任何其他工具。 只需使用一組易於定義的規則組裝和重複現有幾何圖形即可創建物件。 如果可以在 Max 中建模,則可以使用RailClone創建過程物件



1 - 基本物件

RailClone不是從頭開始構造物件,而是通過沿路徑組裝和重複現有的幾何體來工作。 要做到這一點,它需要兩樣東西 - 路徑的樣條曲線,當然還有一些模組化幾何圖形。

2 - 規則產生器

想像一下,你正在向製造商解釋如何建造這個公共汽車候車亭,你可能會說:“在開始和結束時放一個玻璃面板,以2米的間隔添加豎框,然後在屋頂和玻璃之間填充。 如果你理解了這一點,你就理解了RailClone。

3 - 修飾符

就像Max一樣,RailClone也有自己的修飾符,稱為運算符,用於操縱幾何圖形。 您可以對項目進行分組,創建模式,隨機化轉換,UV和材料ID,創建條件關係等等。


  • 代理快取

將RailClone物件烘焙到代理緩存,而不會破壞實例化或失去對高級功能的訪問許可權。 緩存可以存儲在場景中或匯出到單獨的檔中,以最大程度地減少檔膨脹並使其易於重用。

  • 分配光源和虛擬硬碟

分佈非幾何物件,包括光源和 VDB 體積塊。 將它們與混合樣式的幾何形狀相結合,甚至可以使用帶有淺色調的RailClone顏色來創建隨機變化。

  • 對組的支援

將物件預合成到標準 Max 組中,並將它們用作幾何物件、非幾何物件(如光源和 VDB)或兩者的任意組合的段。

  • 直觀的銀行控制

通過 RC 樣條修改器添加易於操作的小控件,控制幾何圖形沿樣條曲線的任何點的傾斜角度。 通過簡單地旋轉標記,幾何體就會扭曲、轉動和平滑變形以匹配。

  • 新的均勻模式

沿樣條曲線以規則間隔分佈幾何圖形,具有比以往更多的控制。 強制使用奇數個間隔、偶數,或僅使用原始模式,其中數位由最佳擬合確定。

  • 下拉清單


  • 與阿諾德 7 相容

使用最新版本的 Autodesk 內置渲染引擎,以及最新版本的 V-Ray、Corona 和 Redshift。

  • 使用標記數據控制發生器

使用“將 X/Y 大小擴展到區域”模式時,使用標記來控制許多生成器參數。 如果在樣條上找到多個標記,則從找到的第一個標記中獲取值。

  • 對剪輯的改進

平移或旋轉剪切區域邊界外的嵌套發生器或組合物件,並仍保留所有線段。 非常適合創建100多個隨機鉸鏈或滑動門窗。


  • 多才多藝

有了RailClone,您的創造力就沒有限制。 與其他為單一類型模型設計的腳本和外掛程式不同,在RailClone中,您幾乎可以創建任何東西。

  • 簡單易用

RailClone使用易於理解的可視化樣式編輯器來創建複雜的結構。 與其他工具不同,絕對不需要程式設計知識。

  • 極速

RailClone是完全多線程的,並且針對速度進行了高度優化。 這與高效的視口顯示模式和強大的實例化相結合,意味著您可以創建和渲染由數千個高度詳細的零件組成的大型物件。

  • 適應

RailClone 裝配、變換、切片和變形幾何體,以創建無縫物件。 只需設置一些規則,物件就會自動為您構建,即使在彎曲的路徑上也是如此!

  • 智慧

讓RailClone 通過高級演算法為您思考,使幾何形狀變形,以遵循傾斜的路徑和曲面。 傾斜和不平坦的牆壁、樓梯、扶手、欄杆和階梯式圍欄不再是在 3ds Max 中創建的苦差事。

  • 準備就緒

RailClone Pro具有近400種預定義樣式,包括圍欄,欄杆,障礙物,交通,牆壁等等。 庫瀏覽器是完全可定製的,允許您添加新的類別和模型,並與同事共用

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