Groundwater Modeling System 10 -Groundwater Simulation System Tool Software
Groundwater Modeling System 10 -Groundwater Simulation System Tool Software
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Groundwater Modeling System 10 -Groundwater Simulation System Tool Software

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Create 3D models with speed and simplicity to use.

GMS - Ultra-intuitive and powerful platform for groundwater and subsurface simulation.

Use the conceptual model approach in GMS to accelerate and simplify model building

We pioneered conceptual modeling and refined it over the years. That's why GMS is the fastest and most intuitive groundwater modeling interface available. Build high-level representations of your model using familiar GIS objects: points, arcs, and polygons, and easily update the model as needed. Conceptual modeling in GMS starts at $2,670 (including 3D visualization)

For models with simple geometry and boundary conditions, use the mesh method and edit the values directly in the mesh.

3D visualization optimized for performance

GMS is a state-of-the-art software system for groundwater simulation in a three-dimensional environment.

  • Interact with real 3D models
  • Optimize OpenGL graphics to improve hardware rendering
  • Create photorealistic renderings
  • Animate a PowerPoint or Web presentation
  • Overlay images on the model and control opacity
  • Notes – Add north arrows, scale bars, reference images, company logos, and more

Import various data formats and images

Models require data from many different sources. That's why GMS makes it easy to import multiple file types:

  • Raster images, including georeferencing and projection support
  • Topographic maps and elevation data
  • Borehole data includes stratigraphic and geophysical data
  • MODFLOW files from Visual MODFLOW, Groundwater Vistas, and PM Win
  • Network data services, such as TerraServer
  • ArcGIS geodatabases and shapefiles
  • CAD files, including .dwg, . DGN and .dxf formats
  • Global projection support, including Cartesian and geographic systems
  • File Import Wizard to separate text files and spreadsheets

Advanced subsurface characterization

From cross-sectional editing to advanced probability and statistics, GMS offers unparalleled subsurface modeling tools.

  • Generate contour surfaces from 3D data to visualize plumes
  • Cut cross-sections anywhere from 3D data
  • 2D and 3D geostatistics—kriging, IDW, and natural neighborhood
  • Powerful and fast algorithm for creating entities from the horizon

GMS 10.5 System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • RAM: 16GB or more recommended
  • CPU: GMS software is CPU-intensive. Some models and utilities integrated with GMS can take advantage of multiple processor cores simultaneously. We recommend using the fastest CPU your budget allows.
  • Storage: The recommended amount of storage will vary based on individual data requirements. The latest version of GMS is very disk I/O intensive.

- HDD: Basic performance

- SATA SSDs: Better

  • Performance - NVMe SSDs: Best performance

Graphics card: A dedicated graphics card is better than an integrated graphics card. Basic or mid-range nVidia cards designed specifically for gaming work best.

Display resolution: 1920 x 1080 or higher



GMS -超直觀和強大的平臺為地下水和地下類比。

使用 GMS 中的概念模型方法加快和簡化模型構建

我們開創了概念建模的先河,並對其進行了多年改進。 這就是 GMS 是可用的最快、最直觀的地下水建模介面的原因。 使用熟悉的 GIS 物件構建模型的高級表示:點、弧和多邊形,並根據需要輕鬆更新模型。 GMS 中的概念建模起價為 2,670 美元(包括 3D 可視化)


針對性能優化的 3D 可視化

GMS 是最先進的軟體系統,可用於在三維環境中進行地下水類比。

  • 與真正的 3D 模型交互
  • 優化 OpenGL 圖形以改進硬體渲染
  • 創建照片般逼真的渲染
  • 為 PowerPoint 或 Web 演示文稿生成動畫
  • 在模型上疊加圖像並控制不透明度
  • 註釋 – 添加指標、比例尺、參考圖像、公司徽標等


模型需要來自許多不同來源的數據。 這就是為什麼 GMS 可以輕鬆導入多種文件類型:

  • 光柵圖像,包括地理參考和投影支援
  • 地形圖和高程數據
  • 鑽孔數據包括地層和地球物理數據
  • 原生MODFLOW檔
  • 來自 Visual MODFLOW、Groundwater Vistas 和 PM Win 的 MODFLOW 檔
  • 網路數據服務,如 TerraServer
  • ArcGIS 地理資料庫和shapefile
  • CAD 檔,包括 .dwg、. dgn 和 .dxf 格式
  • 全球投影支援,包括笛卡爾和地理系統
  • 用於分隔文本檔和電子表格的檔導入精靈


從橫截面編輯到高級概率統計,GMS 提供了無與倫比的地下建模工具。

  • 從 3D 數據生成等值面以可視化羽流
  • 通過 3D 數據在任意位置切割橫截面
  • 2D 和 3D 地質統計學——克里金法、IDW 和自然鄰域
  • 從地平線創建實體的強大而快速的演算法

GMS 10.5 系統要求

  • 操作系統: Windows 10
  • 記憶體:建議使用16GB或更大
  • CPU: GMS 軟體是 CPU 密集型軟體。 與 GMS 集成的某些型號和實用程式可以同時利用多個處理器內核。 我們建議使用預算允許的最快 CPU。
  • 存儲:建議的存儲量將根據各個數據要求而有所不同。 最新版本的 GMS 非常佔用磁碟 I/O 資源。

- 機械硬碟:基本性能

- SATA固態硬碟:更好的

  • 性能 - NVMe固態硬碟:最佳性能

顯卡:專用顯卡比集成顯卡更好。 專為遊戲設計的基本或中檔nVidia卡效果最佳。

顯示解析度: 1920 x 1080 或更高

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