Astah System Safety Professional Modeling Tool Software
Astah System Safety Professional Modeling Tool Software
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Astah System Safety Professional Modeling Tool Software

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Security by design

Astah System Safety is a modeling tool for safety-critical systems that supports system architecture modeling, system security assessment and analysis using STAMP/STPA, SysML, SCDL, and GSN.

This applies to industries in the automotive sector with autonomous vehicles compatible with SOTIF and ISO 26262, as well as the aerospace, railway, defense, robotics, and healthcare industries (MBSE) where safety performance is critical and interested in adopting model-based systems engineering.

SysML diagram

Astah System Safety's SysML support is more advanced than that offered by "Astah SysML", including features such as merging and comparing project files, XMI import/export, and integration with Dassault Systèmes' Cameo Systems Modeler.

  • Block Definition Diagram (BDD)
  • Internal Block Diagram (IBD)
  • Parametric diagram
  • Requirements diagram/table
  • Use case diagram
  • Activity diagram
  • State machine diagram
  • Timing diagram


STAMP (System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes) is a system theory-based accident causality model developed by Professor Nancy Leveson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, STPA (System-Theoretic Process Analysis) is a technology based on STAMP. Astah System Safety provides the following charts and tables for your STPA analysis process.

  • Control structure diagram
  • Prerequisite table
  • Control loop diagram
  • UCA (Unsafe Control Actions) table
  • Loss scenario table
  • Countermeasure table
  • Accident hazard safety constraint table
  • CS (Component Structure) full view


SCDL (Security Concept Description Language) is a security architecture design language defined by the Security Concept Symbolic Study Group.

Astah System Safety supports one of the charts introduced by SCDL:

  • Security concept map

GSN (Target Structure Symbol)

You can visualize security arguments using Goal Structuring Notation and D-Case, which can be effectively used to build consensus and achieve accountability.

  • GSN (Target Structure Symbol) / D-Case

We also have another editor dedicated to GSN, just called "Astah GSN". Astah System Safety includes all the features of Astah GSN.

Why Choose Astah System Security?

Astah was originally created in 2006 by Japanese company ChangeVision as a UML modeling tool. The software has grown to include six different tools, each designed to meet different mapping needs by absorbing more than 15 years of user feedback. Astah System Safety is the latest product we are proud to introduce for safety-critical systems.



Astah System Safety是一種用於安全關鍵系統的建模工具,支援使用 STAMP/STPA、SysML、SCDL 和 GSN 進行系統架構建模、系統安全評估和分析。

這適用於具有與SOTIF和ISO 26262相容的自動駕駛汽車的汽車領域行業,以及安全性能至關重要且對採用基於模型的系統工程感興趣的航空航太、鐵路、國防、機器人和醫療保健行業( MBSE)。

SysML 圖

Astah System Safety 的 SysML 支援比“Astah SysML”提供的更先進,包括合併和比較專案檔、XMI 導入/導出以及與 Dassault Systèmes 的 Cameo Systems Modeler 集成等功能。

  • 區塊定義圖 (BDD)
  • 內部框圖 (IBD)
  • 參數圖
  • 需求圖/表
  • 用例圖
  • 活動圖
  • 狀態機圖
  • 時序圖


STAMP(System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes)是麻省理工學院Nancy Leveson教授開發的基於系統理論的事故因果關係模型,STPA(System-Theoretic Process Analysis)是基於STAMP的技術。 Astah System Safety 為您的 STPA 分析過程提供了以下圖表和表格。

  • 控制結構圖
  • 前提條件表
  • 控制迴路圖
  • UCA(不安全控制動作)表
  • 損失情景表
  • 對策表
  • 事故危害安全約束表
  • CS(元件結構)全視圖


SCDL(安全概念描述語言)是安全概念符號研究組定義的安全架構設計語言 。

Astah System Safety 支援 SCDL 介紹的圖表之一:

  • 安全概念圖


您可以使用Goal Structuring Notation 和 D-Case來可視化安全論據,這些 D-Case 可有效地用於建立共識和實現問責制。

  • GSN(目標結構符號)/ D-Case

我們還有另一位專用於 GSN 的編輯器,僅稱為“ Astah GSN ”。 Astah System Safety 包括Astah GSN 的所有功能 。

為什麼選擇 Astah 系統安全?

Astah 最初由日本公司 ChangeVision 在 2006 年創建,作為 UML 建模工具。 該軟體已經發展到包括六種不同的工具,每一種都旨在通過吸收超過15年的用戶反饋來滿足不同的製圖需求。 Astah System Safety 是我們為安全關鍵系統自豪地推出的最新產品。

Astah通過啟用模型轉換來結合 STPA 和 SysML,這有助於您通過直接使用 SysML 塊創建元件等來構建 STPA 分析。 通過在專案中處理相同的模型將保持一致性,並且在整個分析過程中一切都可以輕鬆追蹤。

支援 SysML 模型的XMI 導入/匯出,這使您能夠從 Cameo Systems Modeler 載入數據。 您還可以新增 OMG XMI 2.5 格式設定檔。

Astah combines STPA and SysML by enabling model transformation, which helps you build STPA analyses by creating components directly with SysML blocks, etc. By working on the same model in the project, consistency will be maintained and everything can be easily traced throughout the analysis.

Supports XMI import/export of SysML models, which enables you to load data from Cameo Systems Modeler. You can also add an OMG XMI 2.5 format profile.

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