Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 Cleanup Optimizer software
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 Cleanup Optimizer software
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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 Cleanup Optimizer software

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Speed up, optimize, and clean your PC with ease.

Windows is a great operating system, but there is always room for improvement. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 quickly solves problems such as slowdowns, instability and clutter, loss of important settings, hidden settings, and persistent privacy intrusion of "telemetry" in Windows! It restores your computer to normal, optimizes, cleanses, protects your computer, and permanently enjoys a fast, streamlined, and secure Windows computer with complete privacy.

Key Features:

1. Privacy trace cleaner to find and delete sensitive data;

2. Use the tuning assistant to personalize and optimize Windows;

3. One-click optimization with four powerful cleaners;

4. System analysis, deeper information, clearer vision;

5. Ultra-fast cleaner with new Cable Calculation;

6. Program notifications based on Windows Notification Center;

7. Drive cleaner with custom archive filter;

8. Improve browser handling in Internet cleaner;

9. Support browser to set file cleaner;

10. Uninstall Windows applications with Uninstall Manager 2;

11. Uninstall Manager 2 has a new look and features;

12. Process manager with tree view;

13. Review SVHOST-based itineraries;

14. Create and print modern reports;

15. SSD wizard with new processing channels and more details.

The next level of cleanup

Advanced Deep Cleanup: Clear data clutter, enhance privacy, and fix display issues.

With the new extended drill-down cleanup, finding junk files has taken it to a new level – and privacy and display issues can be easily addressed. Get rid of older versions of Windows, Windows Update backups, and Windows usage statistics. Fix in-game display issues by emptying the DirectX shader cache, speed up your slow Windows Data Explorer by clearing the preview cache, and gain a lot of hard drive space in the meantime.

Best multi-browser cookie management

Enhance your privacy with innovative cookie management across browsers: Take control of your online privacy.

While Internet cookies are useful and add comfort, they have recently become a privacy nightmare. The innovative cookie manager will help you manage your cookies securely across all browsers! Filter for useful cookies, retain login sessions, and clear cookies that violate your privacy. Instantly mark an entire domain as a security authority using wildspace – your settings will work across all your browsers and can be exported and imported for easy transfer between devices.

Top rich secondary features

More than 30 best-in-class modules for every purpose – beyond cleaning and optimization.

In addition to cleaning and optimization tools, WinOptimizer offers modules that other companies prefer to sell separately. This includes a process manager to help you better understand what's running on your computer, and a privacy manager for better privacy; Icon saver makes your desk more organized; The archive wiper permanently erases sensitive data. In total, WinOptimizer offers more than thirty cutting-edge tools covering the entire field of system cleaning, tuning, and optimization!

Next-generation privacy protection and privacy trace cleaner

Discover and delete sensitive data.

Whether you're using Windows apps, games, or office suites, all apps leave traces that can compromise your privacy and security. Privacy Trace Cleaner has a specially designed search calculator that scans archives, folders, and the Windows registry to look for these traces and eliminate them – only after you review and confirm, of course! It has an in-house registry backup feature to add security, whitelisting with individual exceptions! It also supports multi-user, which allows you to clean up all user profiles at once.

See what's happening to your PC

Basic information that is neatly arranged at the beginning

The newly designed system analysis allows you to easily obtain all the information you need to know. In addition to the CPU load speedometer, you can stay informed about disk usage and privacy-related information thanks to our brand new privacy trace cleaner! By enlarging the program window, you can gain more useful system details, such as information about the number of irrelevant files, services, and registry keys, or the amount of potentially reclaimable disk space. System Analysis communicates everything you need to know!

Further adjustments through dialogue

Easily optimize windows with the adjustment assistant – unleash maximum performance and privacy!

Windows Auto Optimizer has been part of WinOptmizer for a long time, and now, what's there to worry about? The adjustment assistant will ask you a few simple questions, but it will be far-reaching. Each answer brings you closer to a faster, more secure, and more private Windows computer, all while interacting casually with our software. Disable unnecessary background services, optimize security settings, and customize Windows for better performance and privacy, without risk!

Integrated Windows Notification Center

Even when the program is minimized, there will be local notifications of basic details

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26 takes full advantage of the system-wide Windows Notification Center to provide you with valuable updates. When time-consuming analysis tasks are completed, you will be notified even if the program is minimized. While you work on other things, let the one-click optimizer, file wiper, disk doctor, and other programs do their work in the background. They notify you as soon as they've completed their tasks, and you don't even need to look at the progress bar. Of course, both the timing and frequency of notifications are customizable.

New cleaner with increased power and efficiency

Four-way cleanup of excess files

Our popular cleanup program now includes a privacy traces cleaner for four-way cleanup! Junk files, web browsing traces, invalid registry entries, and now privacy-sensitive data are now deleted! Whether it's a Disk Cleaner or an Internet Cleaner, the results are almost real-time and the detection rate is high, while custom profile filters help you adjust and expand the range of supported file types. Of course, our cleaner is carefully customized to work with all modern Windows versions and browsers.

New features for the Manager module

The cleaner will uninstall the app and provide more information at the important moment!

Uninstall Manager 2 can now also process and uninstall Windows applications. A brand new look and feel, smart filters, and extra help tools make it easier and safer to remove apps. The process manager has a new optional tree view for better clarity and shows SVHOST-based itineraries. The SSD Wizard provides additional information to help extend the life of your drive and improve its performance. Finally, the reports of each module have a modern design that greatly enhances the usability!

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