Altova MapForce  Basic Graphical Data Mapping Tool Software
Altova MapForce  Basic Graphical Data Mapping Tool Software
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Altova MapForce Basic Graphical Data Mapping Tool Software

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Altova MapForce is an extensible data mapping, integration, and ETL tool.

This acclaimed application visually maps data between any combination of XML, database, EDI, XBRL, flat archives, Excel, JSON, and/or web services, then instantly transforms the data or generates royalty-free code to perform repetitive conversions.

Data mapping tools in MapForce:

  • Graphical data mapping design
  • Data integration
  • Data Processing Functions
  • Interactive data mapping debugger
  • Enterprise electronic transaction log
  • Any-to-many mapping project
  • Chained data mapping transformation
  • Generate an execution file for MapForce Server
  • Generate a data mapping archive
  • Generate royalty-free material conversion source code

Direct file reading and writing improves MapForce performance by streaming arbitrarily large XML, JSON, CSV, and FLF input and output files. Support for wildcard characters allows you to break data into multiple archives or use file names as arguments. Many functions are standard (filters, joins, summations, etc.), and you can create and save your own functions or use existing web services to process data.

Once the mapping is defined, you can view and save the output immediately. In addition, you can automatically generate plug-and-play applications for XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, XQuery, Java, C++, or C# from mapping designs. Automate data conversion via API or ActiveX controls.

Upload mappings to FlowForce Server for enterprise-grade workflow automation.

MapForce supports all major databases, including SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, Informix, Sybase, and Microsoft Access. EDI support for the most common standards: EDIFACT, X12, HIPAA, HL7, SAP IDoc, and IATA PADIS.

The FlexText utility allows you to parse structured text files, easily incorporating traditional data into mapping designs. Support for XBRL enables you to comply with financial reporting requirements. Tight integration with Altova StyleVision allows you to present the transformed output in beautiful HTML, RTF, Word or PDF reports.

MapForce also integrates seamlessly with leading IDEs Visual Studio and Eclipse. MapForce is an essential tool for people facing data integration and web service implementation challenges, available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


Altova MapForce是一款可擴展的數據映射、集成和ETL工具。



  • 圖形數據映射設計
  • 數據集成
  • 資料處理功能
  • 互動式數據映射調試器
  • 企業電子交易日誌
  • 任意對多映射項目
  • 鏈式數據映射轉換
  • 為MapForce Server生成執行檔案
  • 生成數據映射檔案
  • 生成免版稅資料轉換原始程式碼

直接檔案讀取和寫入可通過流式傳輸任意大的XML、JSON、CSV和FLF輸入和輸出檔案來提高MapForce的效能。 萬用字元字元的支持使你可以將數據折開成多個檔案或使用檔名作為參數。 許多函數都是標準的(篩檢程式、連接、求和等),你可以創建和保存自己的函數或使用現有的Web服務來處理數據。

一旦定義了映射,你就可以立即查看和保存輸出。 此外,你可以從映射設計中自動生成XSLT 1.0、XSLT 2.0、XQuery、Java、C++或C#的隨插即用應用程序。 通過API或ActiveX控制項自動化資料轉換。

將映射上傳到FlowForce Server以進行企業級工作流自動化。

MapForce支持所有主要資料庫,包括SQL Server、PostgreSQL、Oracle、MySQL、IBM DB2、Informix、Sybase和Microsoft Access。 提供對最普遍標準的EDI支持:EDIFACT、X12、HIPAA、HL7、SAP IDoc和IATA PADIS。

FlexText實用程式允許你解析結構化文字檔,輕鬆將傳統數據納入映射設計中。 對XBRL的支持使你能够遵守金融報告規定。 與Altova StyleVision的緊密集成使你可以在漂亮的HTML、RTF、Word或PDF報告中呈現轉換輸出。

MapForce還與領先的IDE Visual Studio和Eclipse無縫集成。 MapForce是面臨數據集成和Web服務實現挑戰的人們必不可少的工具,提供32比特和64比特版本。

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