Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 PDF
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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 PDF

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Adobe Acrobat efficiently processes PDFs from anywhere.

Say goodbye to paper documents forever. No matter what device you're using or where you're logging in, our best-in-class PDF solutions let you digitally work every step of your document workflow.

  • Smooth workflows.

Increase productivity with trusted tools to create, edit, protect, and manage PDFs from anywhere. With artificial intelligence, continuous improvement, and highly advanced PDF capabilities, complex tasks can be made easy.

  • Reduce costs.

Collaborate as if you were face-to-face.

Connect with colleagues to collect notes, collaborate on responses, and track progress, all in one place. No more having to sort through endless email chains to find out. Everyone can join on desktop, mobile, or web.

  • Protect information.

No compromise on security.

Take advantage of best-in-class PDF security, reliability, and accessibility. Content controls, such as encryption, authentication, and ciphertext, work together with application security controls and best-in-class cloud infrastructure to protect you and give you peace of mind.

Adobe Document Cloud has had a significant impact.

In the Adobe Acrobat Total Economic Impact ™ Report*, Forrester Consulting interviewed users of Adobe Document Cloud solutions Acrobat and Adobe Sign. Here are some of their findings.

Save 300 hours of IT work per year.

The reason is that less time is spent on administration compared to the tools previously used.

Save $150 per user per year.

The reason is improved safety and compliance, as well as reduced paper usage and shipping costs.

Adobe Acrobat is the global standard for reliably handling PDFs.

We are trusted pioneers in secure digital documentation.

We invented PDF and have been a pioneer in the PDF market for more than 25 years, playing a central role in driving the open PDF standard. We also offer very complete accessibility, PDF/A, PDF/X and PDF/E support. We offer twice as many language versions as other PDF providers, resulting in better global support.

Transform your business with innovative experiences.

Deliver innovative experiences in the cloud with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Gain a competitive advantage by streamlining forms-based processes with artificial intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei.

Security, privacy, and compliance are in Adobe's DNA.

Our unique, proven suite of security practices governs everything from multi-layered defense-in-depth software architecture to a common controls framework. Meeting compliance in all areas, including data privacy, access control, and more, is a top priority. Acrobat uses documents and extended application security controls to protect sensitive information and protect against dangerous malware.

Our enterprise-grade support helps you successfully deploy, integrate, and adopt.

Our intuitive web-based Adobe Admin Console helps you quickly assign, remove, and track Acrobat licenses. Premium around-the-clock phone and chat technical support helps keep teams and deployments running smoothly.

Official FAQ Help:


Adobe Acrobat 隨時隨地高效處理 PDF。

永遠告別紙質文檔。 無論您使用何種設備、在哪裡登錄,我們的一流 PDF 解決方案都可以讓您採用數位方式開展文檔工作流程的每一步。

  • 順利開展工作流程。

使用倍受信賴的工具,隨時隨地創建、編輯、保護和管理 PDF,提高工作效率。 借助人工智慧、持續的改進以及非常先進的 PDF 功能,複雜任務也能變得簡單易行。

  • 降低成本。


與同事建立聯繫以收集註釋、協作處理回應以及跟蹤進度,所有這些在一個位置即可實現。 再也不必整理無窮無盡的電子郵件鏈以進行查找。 每個人都可以在桌面端、移動端或 Web 端加入。

  • 保護資訊。


充分利用業內一流的 PDF 安全性、可靠性和可訪問性。 內容控件(如加密、認證和密文)與應用程式安全控件和一流的雲基礎結構共同發揮作用,為您提供保護,讓您安心無憂。

Adobe Document Cloud 產生了重要影響。

在 Adobe Acrobat 的總體經濟影響 ™ 報告* 中,Forrester Consulting 採訪了 Adobe Document Cloud 解決方案 Acrobat 和 Adobe Sign 的使用者。 以下是他們的部分發現。

每年節省 300 小時的 IT 工作。


每年每位用戶節省 $150。


Adobe Acrobat 是可靠地處理 PDF 的全球標準。


我們發明瞭 PDF,並且 25 年多來一直是 PDF 市場先行者,在推動開放 PDF 標準方面扮演著核心角色。 我們還提供非常完整的輔助功能、PDF/A、PDF/X 和 PDF/E 支援。 相較於其他 PDF 供應商,我們提供的語言版本數量要多一倍,從而提供更好的全球支援。


借助人工智慧、機器學習和深度學習在雲中提供創新體驗。 使用由 Adobe Sensei 提供支援的人工智慧簡化基於表單的流程,從而獲得競爭優勢。

安全性、隱私性和合規性已經融入了 Adobe 的基因。

我們久經考驗的獨特安全實踐套件管控著從多層次深度防禦軟體體系結構到通用控件框架的一切內容。 滿足各領域(包括數據隱私、訪問控制等)的合規性是重中之重。 Acrobat 使用文件和擴充應用程式安全控制項來保護敏感資訊和防禦危險的惡意軟體。


我們基於 Web 的 Adobe Admin Console 直觀易用,可説明您快速分配、刪除和跟蹤 Acrobat 許可證。 高級全天候電話和聊天技術支援可幫助團隊和部署保持平穩運行。


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