ActCAD 2023-2D Drawing 3D Modeling CAD Software
ActCAD 2023-2D Drawing 3D Modeling CAD Software
ActCAD 2023-2D Drawing 3D Modeling CAD Software
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ActCAD 2023-2D Drawing 3D Modeling CAD Software

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ActCAD is a CAD software with 2D drafting and 3D modeling for engineers, architects and other technical consultants. It can be used to create and edit DWG and DXF CAD software.

ActCAD, which originated from the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC), offers its users the best performance and functionality with the latest release of IntelliCAD, as well as many additional commands and features to give it a competitive edge. In addition, ActCAD includes many other tools such as libraries in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural, P&ID, and more, batch file converters, unit converters, and many other productivity-enhancing tools. ActCAD reads and saves the dGN file format as dwg/dxf file format and is capable of supporting all dwg/dxf versions from R2.5 to 2018.

ActCAD is a lightweight, powerful professional computer-aided design software with multicore processing capabilities, and core developers with more than 40 years of industry experience. There are still many other software in the CAD software industry that does not achieve the optimal balance between functionality and price. Some powerful tools are expensive, while some low-cost tools cannot handle critical project requirements. ActCAD perfectly bridges the price feature gap and brings huge benefits to our customers.

Full 2D & 3D CAD capabilities

  • Has a standard version of 2D drawing
  • Build the Pro version of 3D drawings
  • Professional Advanced Edition of Architectural Design

Huge user base

  • Individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises use ActCAD to complete a variety of projects

Easy to use and learn

  • It has an operation interface familiar to CAD users, which is easy to use

Product features

  • Zero learning curve to get you up to speed with CAD drafting software quickly
  • Fully compatible with DWG/DXF file formats
  • Uses the latest version of IntelliCAD Core

Version feature differences

System requirements


ActCAD 是一款擁有 2D 繪圖和 3D 建模的 CAD 軟體,適用於工程師、建築師及其他技術顧問。 並可用於創建和編輯 DWG 及 DXF CAD 軟體。

ActCAD 源自於 IntelliCAD 技術聯盟(ITC),並採用最新發佈的 IntelliCAD 版本為其使用者提供最佳性能和功能,也提供了許多附加命令和功能,使其更具競爭優勢。 此外,ActCAD還包括許多其他工具,如在 Civil、Mechanical、Electrical、Architectural、Structural、P&ID 等領域的資源庫、批次處理文件轉換器、單位轉換器和許多其他生產力增強工具。 ActCAD 可讀取 dgn 檔案格式並將其保存為 dwg / dxf 檔格式,且能夠支援 R2.5 到 2018 的所有dwg / dxf 版本。

ActCAD 是一款輕量又具強大功能的專業計算機輔助設計軟體並擁有多核處理功能,而核心開發人員擁有 40 多年的業界經驗。 在 CAD 軟體產業上仍有許多其他軟體在功能與價格之間未達到最佳平衡。 一些功能強大的工具價格高昂,而一些低成本工具則無法處理關鍵專案要求。 ActCAD 完美地彌合了價格功能差距,為我們的客戶帶來龐大的效益。


  • 擁有二維繪圖的標準版
  • 建造三維繪圖的專業版
  • 建築設計的專業進階版


  • 個人、中小型、大型企業皆使用ActCAD完成各式專案


  • 具有CAD使用者熟悉的操作介面,容易上手


  • 零學習曲線,讓您快速上手 CAD 繪圖軟體
  • 完全相容 DWG/DXF 檔案格式
  • 採用最新版 IntelliCAD 核心



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