When you receive the ordered item, please check the item immediately for any damage and accessories. If the problem is found immediately or the product quality is found not to meet the production standards within 15 days of shopping (man-made damage / or designated products such as hygiene requirements, such as earphones, gift card products and non-refundable products), customers can call COMPUTERHOME hotline +852 2115-9219 follow up, if it is confirmed that the quality of the goods does not meet the production standards, the replacement is guaranteed. When the product is within the manufacturer's warranty period, the customer can also enjoy the warranty provided by our store, and can return the product to us by himself. It will take about 1-4 weeks to refund the money involved in online shopping to your credit card or bank account after negotiating with you.


• In general, we do not accept any product exchange or order cancellation requests.

• When you receive the goods (including delivery or self-collection), you must immediately inspect the ordered goods for damage and completeness. If you find that the product you ordered is damaged, you can call our customer service department to arrange for a replacement.

• If we agree that you have the right to replace the product, but the requested replacement has been sold out, we will refund the relevant money to you.

• Please show us the original purchase receipt or relevant electronic receipt before accepting a product exchange.

• We have the right to refuse to replace the goods that have been signed due to the appearance of the goods and the incomplete accessories. If the gift is damaged, we will arrange for a replacement as soon as possible.

• If you find that the size of the item does not meet your needs:

(a) We may, at our discretion, change the model or brand of the product for the customer before delivery of the product;

(b) After the product has been delivered (and the packaging has not been opened), where the customer pays 30% of the original price of the product as a handling fee and makes up the difference between the original product and the replacement product (if any), we will Can replace other models or brands of goods for customers as appropriate;

(c) After the product has been shipped and the packaging has been opened, no replacement of the product will be arranged.

• Replacement items must be returned together with complete packaging, accessories, instructions and an unfilled warranty.

• Replacement items must be free of damage, damage and previous wetness.

• Products that have been registered for warranty online or that have been repaired cannot be replaced.

• Items must be returned together with any gifts that were included with the purchase or we will deduct the value of the gift from the refund.

• Items must be returned together with any gifts that were included with the purchase or we will deduct the value of the gift from the refund.

• In special circumstances, after negotiating with you from the customer service department and obtaining our consent, we will refund the money involved in online shopping to the relevant payment account you used for payment or other methods agreed to by you (Note: if you choose to use You will receive a notification on your Octopus App when you receive payment through the Octopus App, and you must collect the payment by yourself in the Octopus App or at the Octopus Service Station before the specified period after receiving the notification). Refunds take about 1-4 weeks.