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by SOFTKING SHOP on April 28, 2023
CCleaner is a veteran system optimization tool on Windows, integrating a variety of functions such as system cleaning optimization and privacy protection, which can make the Windows system run more smoothly while protecting the user's private data, making your computer run faster, smoother and safer!
CCleaner provides a variety of system optimization and privacy protection functions, including cleaning browser cache and history, registry optimization cleaning, software clean up residual files, startup item management, right-click menu management, duplicate file lookup, application updates, driver updates, security vulnerability patching, etc., below we introduce the functions of CCleaner in detail.
Health checks
When you open the main interface of CCleaner, the function panel you see is "Health Check":
CCleaner will comprehensively check the current system status from the four aspects of "privacy", "space", "speed" and "security", find the problems existing in the system in these four aspects, "privacy"clear the cookies, history and temporary files of each browser on the computer;
"Space", cleaning up the Recycle Bin, temporary application files, and temporary system files;

"Speed", which finds and blocks running programs and services that slow down Windows startup speed, speeding up startup;

"Security", which detects applications that are not the latest version in the system and updates them to the latest version.

For the health check results of CCleaner, if there are some contents that you do not need to modify, uncheck the operation, and the selected operation will be optimized; If the options in the check results are all you need to optimize, just select "Improve" directly on the results overview page:

The CCleaner subscription is divided into three editions, with the following differences:


  1. CCleaner Professional Edition: 1 computer installation and installation using CCleaner Professional Edition software in 1 year.

  2. CCleaner Professional Plus: 1-year subscription to CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler & Speccy with up to 3 PCs.

  3. CCleaner Premium Bundle: 1-year subscription to CCleaner Professional, Recuva, Defraggler, Speccy and the new Kamo Privacy Tool for up to 5 computers. Official exclusive access to live premium technical support is also included.

The above is the basic introduction of CCleaner system optimization cleaning software.

If you are a hardcore veteran, then you should be familiar with this software, although CCleaner's reputation is now far less famous than before; But it is undeniable that CCleaner may have existed longer than most Windows system optimization software, and for a long time, CCleaner was the first choice for Windows optimization cleanup,

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