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by SOFTKING SHOP on July 28, 2023

Do I need a Hard Disk Sentinel?

If you're using a computer with at least one hard drive or solid-state disk, you want to make sure your data is safe and secure at all times, and yes. Hard Drive Sentinel is designed specifically for you,


  • You use multiple hard drives/SSDs/hybrid drives (SSHDs) in your computer (IDE/Serial ATA (S-ATA, e-SATA)/NVMe/SCSI/SAS/USB hard disk) or external enclosure (check the Hardware Compatibility page for a list of compatible hardware)

  • You are using a mobile/removable rack or chassis that has hard drives inside

  • You are using a laptop

  • You are using a server or desktop computer with a high disk load

  • You want to maximize system stability, hard drive performance, and overall integrity, and receive hard drive alerts in case of high temperatures or poor health

  • You don't want to lose sensitive and valuable data, you don't want to pay for hard drive recovery

  • It is much better to avoid HDD failures than to use HDD recovery. Get warned and use HDSentinel to prevent HDD data loss! Keep your HDD healthy life.

Hard Disk Sentinel is a multi-OS SSD and HDD monitoring and analysis software.

Its goal is to find, test, diagnose and repair hard drive problems, report and display SSD and HDD health, performance degradation and failures.

Hard Disk Sentinel provides complete text instructions, tips, and displays/reports the most comprehensive information about hard drives and solid-state disks in internal and external cabinets (USB hard disks/e-SATA hard drives) of the computer. Many different alerting and reporting options are available to ensure maximum protection of your valuable data.

There is no need to use separate tools to verify internal hard drives, external hard drives, SSDs, hybrid disk drives (SSHDs), disks in RAID arrays, and network attached storage (NAS) drives as they are all included in one piece of software. In addition, Hard Disk Sentinel Pro detects and displays status and SMART information about LTO tape drives and appropriate industrial (micro) SD cards and eMMC devices.

For information about hard disk monitoring in a network-attached storage (NAS) device, see How to: Monitor Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Status.

Hard Disk Sentinel monitors the status of hard drives/HDDs, including health, temperature, and all SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) values for all hard drives. It also measures disk transfer speed in real time, which can be used as a benchmark or to detect possible hard disk failures, performance degradation.

Perfect data protection solution: It has the most sensitive disk health assessment system that is extremely sensitive to disk issues, so it can be effectively used to prevent HDD failures and SSD/HDD data loss. That way, even minor hard drive issues won't be missed. The Pro version has both scheduled and automatic (problem) disk backup options to prevent data loss due to malfunctions, malware, or accidental deletion.

How does Hard Disk Sentinel work?

Hard Disk Sentinel runs in the background and verifies the health of the SSD/HDD by checking the SMART status of the disk. If an error is found or unexpected behavior is detected, it warns the user of the current situation and can also take appropriate action (for example, start an automatic backup).

Usually, the health of the hard drive may slowly deteriorate every day. SMART monitoring technology can predict HDD failures by checking the critical values of disk drives. In contrast to other software, Hard Disk Sentinel can detect and report every disk problem.

It is more sensitive to disk failures and can display better and more detailed information about the life expectancy of the hard drive and the problems found, if any. This is a more complex way to predict failures than the "traditional" method: only the SMART attribute thresholds and values are checked. For more information, read How SMART drives work and why Hard Disk Sentinel is different.

The software displays the current hard drive temperature and records the maximum HDD temperature. This can be used to check the maximum temperature under high hard drive load. For the importance of hard drive operating temperature, see Frequently Asked Questions. See the feature list of "Hard Disk Sentinel Professional" or "Our Products" for hard drive monitoring.



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