Structured fragmentation knowledge asset management software is more powerful than Cubox, supports more platforms, and is simpler to use than Notation

by SOFTKING SHOP on July 27, 2023

All in one knowledge base

Mindbox is a structured knowledge management software with a tree directory, a tagging system, and a great reading experience.

Let you do more with less on the road to learning.

More versions: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, browser extensions


What's special about Mindbox?
Most of the popular knowledge management software on the market uses a "note page" as the end of recording knowledge. But many times, what we need to take is not notes. For example, the corresponding performance scores, accompanying music, courseware in music courses... When using the previous "note-taking knowledge management software" to manage this content, we had to create a page to store such content.
But it wasn't natural, so we gave it a try. In the folder, you can freely add notes, mind maps, PDFs, drawing groups (rotation of multiple pictures)... And on different content modules, a lot of editing and preview experience optimization has been done. Finding such an experience is really great.
So Mindbox has the following advantages:
※ Clear structure: Through the tree-like folder directory, you can build an organized knowledge context. At the same time, you can also add tags to the content, and more freely organize some managed content through tags.
※ Fragmentation: Support a variety of knowledge modules, currently support rich text notes, mind maps, link clipping, picture groups, PDF... Our development team is also continuing to develop more useful and easy-to-use modules.
※ Simple and easy to use: At the same time, because of the concept of deeply rooted folder → files, compared to the huge theoretical concepts of many knowledge management software, Mindbox is simpler and easier to use out of the box.
※ Multi-platform + cloud synchronization: It is also worth mentioning that Mindbox is a software that supports all platforms and is equipped with cloud synchronization function, allowing you to record and manage knowledge inspiration anytime, anywhere.
※ Local data first: At the data storage level, we have always insisted on local storage first. As long as you don't uninstall the app or delete the database directory, the content won't be lost. Don't worry about "the data is not in your hands".


Rich text notes
Beautifully typeset, a variety of annotation styles, create highly legible notes.
Mind maps
Multiple map structure styles
Sort out the knowledge structure
Web clipping, support reading optimization mode, save snapshots, prevent web content loss
Image/Picture Group
Add multiple pictures to the diagram group, which is convenient for strategy, step by step tutorial... Edit
Local data first
Data is saved locally on the device, safe and risk-free. It is also equipped with cloud synchronization service to allow multiple devices to be used simultaneously.

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