Revolutionize your desktop experience and double your efficiency! - DisplayFusion one-stop display management solution

by SOFTKING SHOP on May 08, 2023

DisplayFusion is a versatile Windows desktop management software that is a great choice for handling multiple monitors to make your workflow more efficient. Whether you need to manage monitors for two work PCs or have a high-resolution monitor for gaming, DisplayFusion has a comprehensive solution.

Some feedback we often hear:

"I had a different resolution on my desktop, which made me miserable to resize and position each application when switching to a different monitor."

"I'm a program developer and need to go through multiple files and documents at the same time, but my screen is too small!"

"I have a big screen and a small screen and want to use them as two separate screens."

If you have a similar problem, don't worry, DisplayFusion can do the following tasks for you:

Regional management

DisplayFusion lets you easily move apps between your displays while keeping them the same size and position. You can easily move all windows to another monitor with "Shortcut Keys" or "Mouse", which will definitely improve your productivity.(Ctrl+Win+X)

Split screen

Sometimes you want to split your screen into two parts, and DisplayFusion makes it easy to split your screen! You can define the split scale yourself, or you can use the default split scale that comes with it to quickly switch between them.

Fusion wallpaper

You can change your desktop wallpaper at any time using DisplayFusion to set your own wallpaper for each display. There's also the option to merge the wallpapers of both monitors to make it look like a giant display.

In addition, DisplayFusion has many powerful features related to wallpaper, such as: automatically change wallpaper by searching the web or selecting an image from your computer.

Other features

In addition to the above features, DisplayFusion also provides a large number of customization options, such as window button customization, window dragging, scaling, auto-maximization, and more. There are also multiple language options that let you use DisplayFusion regardless of location, and remote desktop support so you can use DisplayFusion in remote desktops to work more efficiently.


DisplayFusion consumes almost no system resources and does not conflict with your experience. This should be the best desktop management software for multi-monitor users. While some features take some learning time, as your experience grows, you'll find that the value of DisplayFusion can greatly improve your productivity, which is why so many people speak highly of this software.



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