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by SOFTKING SHOP on July 31, 2023
Data recovery
DiskGenius is a professional-grade data recovery software with superb algorithms, powerful functions and a wide user base; Support file recovery and partition recovery in various situations, and the recovery effect is good; Advanced features such as file preview, sector editing, encrypted partition recovery, Ext4 partition recovery, RAID recovery, etc., are all available for <> years!
  • Powerful data recovery features

Safely and quickly recover data lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, partition corruption, partition loss, virus corruption, system crash and other unknown reasons on hard disks, portable hard disks, USB flash drives, memory cards, RAID and virtual disks.
  • Efficient search algorithm

Intelligent search algorithms can perform a deep scan of the disk to identify lost data; No matter what the reason for the data loss, as long as it is not overwritten, and there is residual file information, it can be found and recovered normally.
  • Preview files before recovery

Preview your own files before actually recovering data, what you see is what you get, clear and clear; Double-click documents, pictures, videos, audio, text, PDFs, etc. to view the file content to accurately predict the recovery effect.
  • RAID recovery

DiskGenius supports virtual reorganization of RAID, after reorganization, file recovery and partition recovery can be performed just like a regular disk. The virtual RAID is read-only to prevent accidental operation of the original disk and data.
  • Virtual machine recovery

Without running the virtual machine system, you can directly load the virtual disk file, and once loaded, you can recover the data like a normal disk. Supports virtual disk file formats for virtual machines such as VMware, Virtual PC, and VirtualBox.
  • Emergency recovery

DiskGenius can help you make WinPE boot disk, which is used to deal with data recovery emergencies, such as system crash and cannot be started, system disk data loss, etc., safe and convenient.
  • Sector editing

Powerful 16-decimal text editing and disk editing functions are integrated, such as sector positioning, sector copying, sector filling, data interpretation, editing any sector, importing and exporting sector data, etc., which can help professionals perform manual data recovery.
  • File system support

Supports file recovery, partition recovery, partition management, and data backup for NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, exFAT, EXT4, EXT3, EXT2 and other file systems.
Partition management
DiskGenius is a classic hard disk partitioning tool that is comprehensive, safe and reliable. In addition to basic functions such as creating partitions, deleting partitions, formatting partitions, hiding partitions, and assigning drive letters, DiskGenius also provides more advanced functions such as fast partitioning, lossless resizing of partitions, and backup and recovery of partition tables. Support GPT partition format and EXT4 file system.
Backup restore
DiskGenius is also a powerful backup software that makes it easy to back up or clone hard disks or partitions. Safe and reliable, it is a hard disk partition backup software with a long history of development and a large number of users in China; Comprehensive functions, support incremental backup, multi-point restore, hot backup, system backup and many other features.
More features
DiskGenius also provides many useful and convenient functions: fast partitioning, integer partitioning, partition table error checking and repair, bad sector detection and repair, permanent deletion of files, virtual hard disks and dynamic disks, PE boot disks, etc.

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