Mac Genuine Software Collection! CleanMyMac, Downie, CleanShot X, and more

by SOFTKING SHOP on May 08, 2023

With Setapp, you can enjoy hundreds of great Mac software for a one-time payment.

A collection of packages for great value and efficient Mac software

People love Setapp because it offers a complete flagship facility at a single cost, like a magic lamp in the hands of a lamp god. Setapp includes easy-to-install tools to increase productivity. With a Setapp membership, you get instant access to all your apps, making every app useful.

How SetApp works

Setapp is a Mac application collection software, after installation you can freely choose to download the application you are interested in, with Setapp membership, you can easily download, install and use all applications with one click, convenient and fast.

There are 240+ models of genuine Mac software, some of which can be quite expensive if purchased individually.

No need to buy multiple software, reinstall the system trouble, sometimes have to contact the manufacturer to reset the license, now well, you only need to buy one, the rest are directly click to install and use.


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