Little Snitch Old Mac firewall software! Stay on top of your software network connection

by SOFTKING SHOP on May 08, 2023

Once your Mac is connected to the network, there is a chance that various software will send whatever they want wherever they want. Most of the time, they do it for your better experience. But sometimes, such as the case of some tracking software, Trojan horses or other malware, they just want to get the information they want.

There will be no reminders, these are all performed in the background.
If you have Little Snitch installed.

Little Snitch notifies you whenever the software attempts to establish an outgoing network connection. You can allow or deny these connections, or define rules to automatically handle future attempts. Little Snitch can very reliably prevent your private data from being sent to the internet without your knowledge.

Alert mode

Whenever an app tries to connect to a server on the Internet, Little Snitch displays a connection alert that allows you to decide whether to allow or deny the connection. We do not transmit any data without your consent. Your decision will be remembered and applied automatically in the future.

Silent mode

If you're new to Little Snitch, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of notifications from apps you want to connect to the web. The all-new silent mode was rebuilt from the ground up, making dealing with them a breeze. It allows you to turn off all notifications temporarily and easily make all your decisions at once later. It only takes a few clicks.

Server, where?

Ever wondered where in the world your data is sent? Network Monitor displays the locations of all servers that your Mac connects to on an interactive world map. Animated connectors provide a clear overview of the currently transmitted data and blocked connections.


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