Limited Lifetime Edition丨Extreme PDF Toolbox, ABBYY+Mathpix Top Graphic Recognition Engine Help! Complimentary mobile phone scanner membership + double points!

by SOFTKING SHOP on July 27, 2023

Extreme PDF-OCR Tools Toolbox is a powerful PDF tool software developed by the Weizhi team under Chengdu Microlonghui Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Convert and manipulate PDFs quickly, OCR recognize scanned PDFs, and maximize the style of text, tables, paragraphs, and images.

Screenshot of
software interface

Top engine + leading algorithm = efficiency multiplier

Among them, the image and text recognition engine is accessed from the internationally famous company ABBYY, and the mathematical formula recognition interface is Mathpix.

Comparison of screenshots of conversion effects

Scanned PDF document (front)


Identify the effect of the conversion (post)

The main interface is divided into two blocks.

  • Block 1: Mainly the "Users and Settings" area

This block mainly contains the homepage, product activation, user information, and settings.

  • Block 2: Mainly "Functional Areas"

This area includes the three main features of the Extreme PDF-OCR toolbox—OCR conversion, PDF conversion, and PDF manipulation.

  • OCR conversion: Convert scanned PDF to WORD, EXCEL, TXT, PDF/A, EPUB (e-book), or PDF format.

  • Formula OCR: Converts a PDF file containing formulas into an editable LaTex or Word document.


  • PDF operations: Merge, split, compress, set background, add watermark, encrypt, remove passwords, and more on PDFs.

What are the advantages of extreme PDF formula processing?

Instant effect without conversion, extreme PDF formula OCR processed Word file in the formula is native does not rely on MathType and AxMath these formula editors, and does not need to carry out tedious embedded conversion work, of course, users can also easily convert native formulas to the MathType and AxMath formulas you need.

Cross-platform support, extreme PDF also supports MacOs client users can also directly convert formula PDF files into Word in Apple's proprietary document editor Pages to open and edit, so that on Mac systems can also easily process formula PDF files.

Good recognition effect, we use NLP error correction system to check whether the text results in the OCR engine are correct, and the intelligent correction of the recognized wrong text reduces the time for users to make multiple corrections and checks, and our complex formula processing ability is also good.

Two-column formula PDF support, we use self-developed layout analysis algorithm to analyze the two-column content from the PDF sample, and perform double-column restoration in the LaTex file.

Two-column restore

Pages support (macOS)


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