Intranet scientific research workers must be a powerful tool! Offline and high-precision graphic OCR text recognition tool /- Life membership!

by SOFTKING SHOP on July 31, 2023

OCR Pure Offline: Cross-platform OCR image recognition tool

Whether in school or at work, we will always encounter some times when we need to recognize text, tables, formulas, etc. There are cheap and easy-to-use white drawings on the mobile side, so what OCR tools can be used on the Windows side? Introducing you to a working OCR tool - extreme scanning.

Software introduction and usage experience

Extreme Scan is a cross-platform professional OCR text recognition tool developed by the team of Chengdu Weizhi, and the official website shows that it supports practical functions such as text extraction, table recognition, PDF segmentation, screenshot recognition, photo recognition, image recognition, recognition translation and formula recognition. There are four modes of extreme scanning: Easy Mode, Document Mode (Edit Mode), Table Mode, and Professional Mode, with Easy Mode being the most commonly used.

The interface is also very simple, the white space looks very comfortable, that is, the two content boxes look a little small, do not support stretching, the icon of the screenshot page is very simple, but it does not look very coordinated. The accuracy of text extraction is quite high, and the typesetting is a little better than that of the white drawing web version, and the recognition language is the same as that of white drawing, and supports Chinese and English language recognition.

Although it supports zooming in and out of screenshots, the screenshot function is not very comfortable to use, and the text extraction speed is a little slower than the white drawing web version.

If I select Text and Formula Extraction under the recognition box, Copy, Load Edit Mode and Load Professional Mode will appear under the Extract box; If table extraction is selected, loading the table replaces the loading edit mode.

Edit mode

That is, the document mode, which is equivalent to a simple built-in text processor, which can do some simple editing and typesetting of the text, and only supports exporting DOCX documents. I usually copy into Word for editing and layout. Table mode is similar to document mode, mainly adding a printing function.

Pro mode

That is, the first three modes are integrated, and there is an additional translation box, which can be translated by clicking the refresh icon.

Heavy update!

Extreme Scan for Windows supports offline graphic recognition!

Small partners with intranet, no network, and poor network can also be easily identified and save time! No need to worry about manual entry!

 The highlight of extreme scanning is that it supports high-precision offline OCR file recognition, recognition and translation, powerful formula recognition, and simple editing of text and tables. Extreme Scan subscribers can recognize 100 online form recognitions, 1000,20 online high-precision text recognitions and unlimited offline text recognitions and <> online formula recognitions per day. If your demand for extraction times is large, after the number of formulas is used up, you can open extreme formula members to share the number of times.


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