Gilisoft Copy Protect - The best choice to protect your sensitive data

by SOFTKING SHOP on May 08, 2023

Gilisoft Copy Protect lets you protect your audio, video, PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS worksheets and pictures from being copied, duplicated or distributed by illegal means. Copy protection locks files to authorized devices so that they cannot be shared with others.

Users can use our GCP reader to play encrypted words, videos on macOS, Android. The term "copy protection" is also often associated with and confused with the concept of digital rights management. Gilisoft DRM Protection Digital Rights Management is a more general term because it includes various works management, including copying restrictions.
Who needs to use copy protection?
Copy protection is all about controlling permissions to make copies. Therefore, at the heart of copy protection software is the ability to control replica creation. Due to production needs, documents such as design drawings must be sent to the production company; Worry that the production company cannot save the design data well, resulting in leakage; Fear that the production company will use this as an excuse to change the design after obtaining the data, infringing its own intellectual property rights; Industries with similar needs: in the field of heavy industry, automobile manufacturing, electronic component design industry, TV refrigerator and other household appliance design fields, lamps and sanitary ware and other industries involving industrial design, advertising design industry, water conservancy design institute, electric power design institute, telecommunications design institute and other units, due to the need for division of labor and cooperation, will disclose their own product drawings, processing technology and other data files to collaborators.
Block unauthorized sharing

Copy Protection is a document security tool that creates unshared GCP files to protect your videos, pictures, DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT files from sharing, editing, copying, or unauthorized viewing. To ensure that a protected file can only be opened on 1 PC or mobile device, end users are reminded that the file will be registered to their device when they open the protected document for the first time, and that no other device will be able to open it.

Stop copying and pasting

Copy and paste restrictions allow you to prevent clipboard content from being shared. By disabling text selection, cutting, copying, pasting and right-clicking, Copy Protection helps you stop copying and pasting, copying and screen grabbing video, picture, DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT documents.

Stop printing

Stop document printing/prevent document files from printing Protect document files from printing – By default, it stops printing documents, so you don't have to apply any additional controls to stop printing documents.

Stop screen grabbing

Screen capture protection prevents sensitive information from being captured on client endpoints. When this feature is enabled, copy protection hides content in malware that may be capturing screens on macOS and Windows. iOS, Android.

Prevent content modifications

Editing is not allowed, and document export restrictions control the export of documents from GCP or EXE. It ensures that the files are safe, so no one can modify or copy them without permission.

Content automatically expires

Each protected file has an expiration date. Once the current date exceeds the expiration date, the file can no longer be viewed or accessed. Copy Protection verifies dates using online time servers, so people who change the date and time on their own devices won't be able to bypass verification.

Government-grade security

Copy Protection encrypts media using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), one of the most commonly used and secure encryption algorithms available today. It is the password used by the NSA to protect documents classified as "top secret."

Copy protect media formats

Copy Protection makes it easy to encrypt almost any type of Office, video, audio, picture format. You can copy protect PDF, DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, RTF, ODT, PPT, PPT, PPTX, JSON, XML, DPT, WPS, WPT, ET, DPS. MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MTS, RMVB, MXF, VOB, FLV, MPEG, TS, MP3, AAC, AC3, OGG, WMA, JPG, BMP, PNG ..

USB copy protection

USB Copy Protection protects your videos, PDFs, and any other files from unauthorized distribution and copying. It is just one of the copy protection features. You can create 3 accounts: administrator account, demo account, client account. You can choose 3 binding methods: 1) Bind to CD 2) Bind to USB disk 3) Bind to device (Windows, macOS, iPhone, Android)

Dynamic watermark content

Videos can add watermarks, support floating or fixed watermark styles, support to define font color and font size. Support to make different watermark content for different users. Floating watermarks can change the watermark position automatically.

Dynamic watermark content

Videos can add watermarks, support floating or fixed watermark styles, support to define font color and font size. Support to make different watermark content for different users. Floating watermarks can change the watermark position automatically.

Quickly package multiple documents

You can select multiple files with the same or different formats and encrypt them into one package file by playing them once. This program provides you with a built-in player for video and audio, as well as a viewer for pictures and documents so that you can always be private.

GCP or EXE format

This application can export two encryption formats: GCP or EXE. GEM files package one or more video, audio, image media files, which can be played with the built-in GCP reader. You can send a GCP file and tell them to download Copy Protection to view it. The program creates EXE portable applications. You don't need to install the program on the other end to view the content.

Prevent duplication

This program prevents data infringement that could result in loss of revenue and loss of intellectual credit. Advanced copy protection technology restricts unauthorized users from accessing your data. Unbreakable to protect all your media files, including your videos, audios, pictures, and documents.

No waiting, no temporary files

Unlike software such as WinZip, which uses a password to compress files to protect video files, video playback needs to be decompressed. Password protected video playback without waiting for decompression, no temporary files. When the user wants to play the encrypted file, the encrypted file pops up a dialog box asking the user to enter the playback password.

Prevention of illegal copying and distribution

Copy Protection lets you prevent illegal copying and distribution of media files. With this encryption tool, you can encrypt various types of video or audio files (for example, wmv, avi, asf, mpg, rm, rmvb, mp4, flv, any other format) into GCP files, these files can only be played when the playback password is provided, and the user can only play the encrypted media file after obtaining the playback password you provide.


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