Geek cleaning software is recommended by many big guys! But its pro version, you know? Update 18 years only 5.2 M

by SOFTKING SHOP on May 08, 2023
Fast, powerful uninstall cleaning software that completely and completely removes installed software
  • Completely remove unwanted applications.

  • Install monitors in real time.

  • Control which apps run at system startup.

Use effective, powerful, and easy-to-use Windows applications to remove unwanted software and make your computer clean and faster.

  • The uninstall wizard
    completely removes unwanted software by deleting the remaining file system and registry keys.

  • Bulk uninstall,
    uninstall or perform forced removal of multiple selected apps

  • The install tracker installs
    apps using real-time tracking. View and record the files/registry keys created.

  • Startup Manager
    finds, adds, or removes apps that start automatically when Windows starts.

  • System
    updates and components, mainly from Microsoft.

  • Hidden components
    hide items that are not designed to be unloaded.

  • Windows Store app Windows Store apps Windows Store apps on Windows 8 and above.

The above is the basic introduction of Uninstall Tool Uninstall Cleaner Tool, I hope it will help you!


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